How to Replace LCD Screen on an Acer Aspire Laptop

The laptop’s LCD monitors feature a lot of moving parts. Therefore it’s not uncommon for them to break down. You can also break the laptop’s LCD screen by dropping it from your hand. Most problems, except for significant physical harm, can be resolved at home. You can even replace an Acer Aspire laptop LCD screen from home easily. This article will talk about how to replace the LCD screen on an Acer Aspire laptop. Before you do anything, make sure your laptop is in good working order and that the screen truly needs to be replaced.

How to Replace LCD Screen on Acer Aspire Laptop

Here are the steps you should follow to replace your laptop’s LCD screen. Let’s start

Find a Replacement Screen

To replace your laptop’s LCD screen, you need to find the perfect replacement screen first. Finding a new LCD is usually straightforward, and you won’t have to pay the manufacturer’s exorbitant fees. Instead, enter your laptop model number and the terms LCD screen into online shops. This is the most straightforward way to find a replacement screen for your laptop. If you’re still having trouble, look for other identification numbers on the laptop label or in the manuals.

Collect Tools

Before starting, you have to ensure the proper tools that you will need.

    • Table or Other Flat Working Area: You’ll need a level surface to work on your laptop and a place to sit (or stand, if that’s your thing).
    • Small-head Magnetic Screwdriver: If you don’t have a screwdriver with a magnetic head, find a magnet large enough to magnetize the driver’s head.
    • Plastic Putty Knife or Other Thin Object: This is optional to pry apart the case’s screen bezel.
    • Safety Pin: It is for removing the cover stickers that hide the screws on the bezel of your laptop’s surrounding cover.
    • Small Container: You’ll be able to keep the tiny screws safe from curious cats and youngsters.

Take Safety Precautions

Make sure the laptop is unplugged from the AC adapter before you start the replacement process. Besides, you have to remove the laptop’s battery as well for safety purposes.

Remove Cover Stickers

You have to find the spherical cover stickers on the screen bezel. And in this case, the stickers surround the screen, which hides the screws. To remove the cover stickers without damaging them, you can use a sharp, pointy tool like an opening safety pin or needle. But, first, pry the sticker away from between the edge of the cover and the bezel.

Pull Out Screws

Now you need to remove the now-exposed screws with your screwdriver. Some screws are simple to remove, while others are a little difficult. Moving the screen into the exact proper position, on the other hand, frequently exposes the screws sufficiently to remove them.

Take off Screen Bezel

Pry the screen bezel away from the backside of the screen case with care. In the crack around the outside of the screen, work a fingernail or other thin, prying tool. The LCD is fastened to a metal trim frame on the left and right sides after the bezel is removed. Next, you have to remove the two screws holding the trim frame to the back screen case. Now you can lift the LCD slightly away from the back screen case.

Separate LCD Screen

Now you have to lift the LCD screen and Disconnect the video cable from it. It would be best if you pulled the wires away from the screen gently. You usually must remove the tape that’s securing the video connector to the back of the screen. Once you’ve entirely removed the broken LCD, you will be able to replace it with a new one.

Place New Screen

You need to replace the old LCD screen with a new one and reattach the video cable to the connector. Now you have to place the cable lines and any tape just like they were for the old one. Next, ensure the bezel is fully snapped in place, and there are no cracks around the edges of the screen case. Finally, reattach the sticky screw covers with a safety pin or needle; after successfully replacing the LCD screen, power up your laptop.


These are the steps you should follow while replacing your Acer Aspire laptop LCD screen. Of course, you must be careful when you restore the LCD screen. After replacing the screen, if you face any kind of problem, ask an expert for a free quote for the Acer LED screen replacement.

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