Horizontal or Vertical Lines on HP Laptop Screen
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Fix Horizontal or Vertical Lines on HP Laptop Screen

Are you facing a problem with horizontal or vertical lines on your HP laptop screen? Don’t worry; this issue is common among HP laptop users and can be fixed with simple steps.

In this article, we’ll discuss fixing the horizontal or  vertical lines on your HP laptop screen. We’ll be going over the causes of the problem, the different ways to identify it, and the best methods to resolve it. We’ll also discuss some troubleshooting tips to prevent future lines from appearing on your screen. So, let’s get started!

What Are The Common Causes Of HP Laptop Horizontal or Vertical Lines On Screen?

Horizontal or vertical lines on the display of an HP laptop are a common problem that can occur for various reasons. Some of the most common causes of these lines on the laptop include hardware issues such as a faulty video card, a malfunctioning LCD panel, a cracked display, or a defective LCD cable. Other causes of horizontal lines on the HP laptop screen may include software or driver issues or even a virus or malware infection.

Hardware Issues

The screen may display horizontal or vertical lines if the laptop has a faulty video card. It can occur when the video card is damaged or has a defect. In this case, the video card may need to be replaced.

A malfunctioning LCD panel is another possible cause of lines on the HP laptop screen. The LCD panel is responsible for displaying the images on the screen, and if the panel is damaged or defective, it may cause the laptop to display lines.

A cracked display is another common cause of horizontal or vertical lines on the laptop. When the display is cracked, the lines may appear due to the damage. In this case, the display will need to be replaced.

Software or Driver Issues

In some cases, the horizontal or vertical lines on the HP laptop screen may be caused by software or driver issues. If the laptop has outdated drivers or the software is corrupted, this may cause the laptop to display lines. The drivers and software will need to be updated or reinstalled.

Virus or Malware Infection

A virus or malware infection can also cause horizontal or vertical lines on the HP laptop screen. If the laptop is infected with a virus or malware, it can cause the laptop to display these lines. The laptop must be scanned for any viruses or malware and then cleaned.

How to fix the HP laptop’s Horizontal or Vertical Lines on the screen?

If you are experiencing horizontal or vertical lines on the screen of your HP laptop, you may be experiencing a problem with your display. It is a relatively common issue and can be caused by various things. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to fix the problem:

Solution 1: Reconnect the Video Cable

If the laptop has a removable video cable, disconnect and reconnect it firmly to the port on the back of the computer. If the cable is damaged, replace it.

But if you are using an external monitor, try connecting the monitor to a different port on the back of the computer. If the problem persists, try a different monitor.

Solution 2: Change the Screen Resolution

Wrong screen resolution refers to horizontal or vertical lines on HP laptop screens. Therefore, you can change the screen resolution to fix the error. Here is the guide for you.

Step 1: Open the Control Panel

The first step to changing the screen resolution is to open the Control Panel. To do this, click the Start menu and select “Control Panel”.

Step 2: Select Display Settings

Once the Control Panel is open, select “Display” from the list of options. It will open the Display Settings window.

Step 3: Select Screen Resolution

From the Display Settings window, select “Screen Resolution”. It will open the “Display” tab of the Screen Resolution window.

Step 4: Adjust Screen Resolution

On the Display tab, select the desired resolution from the drop-down menu. Using the slider, you can also adjust the size of the text, icons, and other items on the screen.

Step 5: Apply Changes

Once you have made your adjustments, click the “Apply” button to save your changes. Your screen resolution will now be changed.

Solution 3: Update Graphics Driver

One of the ways to try and fix the HP laptop lines on the screen is to update your graphics driver. It can be done by following these steps:

Step 1:

Go to the HP Support website and enter the product name and number.

Step 2:

Click Drivers and Downloads and enter your product information.

Step 3:

Select your operating system and download the graphics driver.

Step 4:

Follow the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

Step 5:

Restart your computer.

Solution 4: Run Display Quality Troubleshooter

Sometimes, the horizontal or vertical lines on the screen may be due to an outdated or malfunctioning graphics driver. To solve this issue, you can run a display quality troubleshooter. This tool helps you determine if incorrect settings or outdated drivers cause certain issues. To use it, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Open Windows search and type ‘Troubleshooting’.

Step 2:

Select it and click ‘View all’ in the upper left corner.

Step 3:

Select ‘Display Quality Troubleshooter’.

Step 4:

Click ‘Next’ and let the tool run its course. It will detect any problems with your graphics driver and offer solutions if something needs to be fixed or updated.

Step 5:

If any changes are recommended, apply them and restart your laptop for the changes to take effect.

Solution 5: Perform a Clean Boot

The next step you can take if you are still facing HP laptop lines on the screen is to perform a clean boot. Clean boot is a process where we start Windows using a minimum set of drivers and startup programs. So, it helps to identify if any third-party applications or startup programs are causing the issue with HP laptops.

Step 1:

Open the System Configuration (msconfig) window. To do this, type “msconfig” in the Windows Search box and press Enter.

Step 2:

In the System Configuration window, click on the “General” tab, then select the option to “Selective startup”, and uncheck the “Load startup items” checkbox.

Step 3:

  • Go to the “Services” tab.
  • Check the “Hide all Microsoft services” checkbox.
  • Click “Disable all”.

Step 4:

  • Go to the “Startup” tab.
  • Click the “Open Task Manager” link.
  • Disable all startup items in the Task Manager window.

Step 5:

Click “OK” to save the changes and restart your computer.


If you have horizontal or vertical lines on your HP laptop screen, it is likely caused by a hardware issue or a faulty cable connection. To resolve this, you can check the cable connections and make sure they are firmly connected. You can also try to reset the laptop or replace the LCD screen. If the issue persists, you should contact a professional technician to have the issue resolved.


The information in this article is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice or service. If you are experiencing problems with your laptop hard drive, please consult a qualified technician.

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