HP Preparing Automatic Repair Restart Loop

How To Fix A HP In A Preparing Automatic Repair Restart Loop

The ‘Preparing Automatic Repair’ loop is usually preceded by an error message displayed in either blue or black when you start your laptop. This is a standard error that occurs during the startup process of a computer. In this case, your PC cannot boot properly due to missing boot files or a corrupt registry. Startup Repair is usually the solution to booting errors. But sometimes, startup repair is not the only solution to solve the issue. This article will discuss fixing an HP laptop stuck in a preparing automatic repair restart loop. 

How To Fix A HP In A Preparing Automatic Repair Restart Loop

Step 1

The first thing you should do for the troubleshooting method is remove any hardware you may have added. If you have added ram or a hard drive solid-state drive, try removing them and restarting the computer to see if it remedies. If you cannot solve the issue by simply restarting your computer, you must go to the next step. 

Step 2

Next, turn off the computer and remove any USBs, CDs, or anything your computer couldn’t be accidentally trying to boot off.

Step 3

Hit power and tap on f9 to check your hardware because HP has built-in diagnostic software. Tap f9 repeatedly after hitting the start button to access this diagnostic software. 

Step 4

Go to system Diagnostics and start testing memory because this particular error can be a hardware or a software issue. At the boot menu, you should select diet system diagnostic with some HPs. You can tap on f2 from startup instead of f9, but it varies from model to model. If you find the ram or memory, you should take your laptop to the repair shop.

Step 5

If there is no issue with the ram or the memory, go back to the main menu, test another component on the hard drive, and quickly check. If everything felt right, then go for the software solution. 

Step 6

Hit power and start topping on f11; go to the Recovery Manager. It is another feature of your HP you probably didn’t know about.

Try to factory reset your computer s once you repair the screen. There are two options a soft reset or a hard reset. The soft reset tends not to work in some cases. So you need to remove everything, which is sad because you may lose all your information. You have to narrow it down to troubleshoot and reset your PC.

You can fully clean the drive but lose all your information. If you can’t get the factory reset to work or if you cannot access it, your operating systems are too corrupt, and you need a fresh install. Try a fresh install, which would be your step after the factory reset if it doesn’t work or can’t be accessed. It is better to clean the drive option and select enter fully. Through this troubleshooting method, you’ll be able to repair your computer and get out of that loop.


The article will help you to understand how to fix an HP in preparing an automatic repair restart loop. First, you have to go through the hardware identification. If you don’t find an issue with the hardware, try to repair or reinstall your windows to solve the restart loop problem. 

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