Almost all people confront motherboard failure problems while using desktops and laptops nowadays. You may find that your laptop is not powering up because of motherboard failure. When a laptop’s motherboard fails, you have to replace it with a new one. Without asking help from an expert, you can replace the motherboard from home. However, you need to follow some simple steps to do that perfectly. This article will teach you how to replace a motherboard on an Acer laptop that has failed.

Here are the steps you should follow while replacing the motherboard on your Acer laptops.

Step 1: Remove Battery

First, you need to disconnect your laptop’s power source to remove the battery from the laptop. Now make your laptop upside-down and remove the battery by lifting it out of the laptop. This will ensure your safety while starting the motherboard replacement process of your laptop. If you found that your laptop has a mounted battery, you can skip the step.

Step 2: Open Back Cover

Now, keeping the laptop upside down, you need to find the screw points of your laptop. You have to use a screwdriver to remove them all from your laptop. This will help to open the back cover of your laptop. You must need access to all the screw points of the laptop’s cover.
Be careful while you are unscrewing the service plate’s cover of the laptop. After the panel has been loosened by the plastic opening tool, you have to take a finger, place it in the gap, and then remove the panel from the laptop. You must need to keep all the laptop’s screws in a safe location because you will need all these screws at the time of restoring your device.

Step 3: Remove Keyboard Panel

After that, you need to take the laptop in an available position and locate the tabs keeping the keyboard in place. Then, you can use thin tweezers to push the tabs in the keyboard and pull them up on the edge of it. Of course, when you push it, the keyboard will bend, and it may seem like it’s breaking, but there is no need to worry.

Then use your hands when the keyboard begins popping out of place. To keep the part that has been detached from the laptop in the air. After that, you need to continue pushing in tabs and lifting the keyboard as described above. Now you have successfully separated the keyboard from your Acer laptop.

Step 4: Separate Parts

After you have removed all of the prerequisites, it’s time to unscrew a few more screws. Next, you have to release all the components’ connections attached to the motherboard, such as the power button and the trackpad. You must need to remove these connections the same way you undid the keyboard using the tweezers. Be very much careful while you are using your hands to separate the connections. It would be best if you needed to use a plastic opening tool or your hands to carefully lift the corner of the top panel of the laptop.

Step 5: Pull Out Cooling Fan

Once you have located the laptop’s cooling fan, use a screwdriver to separate it from the motherboard. One of the screws may be directly beneath a set of wires, so be careful not to cut those wires as you remove the screws. Instead, it would help if you used tweezers to disconnect the wires connecting the fan to the laptop and pull out the fan from the board.

Step 6: Replace the Motherboard

Locate the two strips and the wire bundle that is connected to the motherboard from other components. You have to be careful while removing the connections, as done previously for the keyboard. Next, lift the motherboard, and locate the last wire bundle that needs to be removed. The motherboard should now be completely free of connections, and you can remove the motherboard. Now you can replace the motherboard with a new one.

Step 7: Reassemble All Parts

Finally, you have to restore all the connections to the laptop. For that, you need to place the connections right on the motherboard. Next, you have to drop the motherboard with the processor and cooling assembly into the appropriate notch. Finally, reverse the process you have followed to separate all the connections and chips. If you’ve reassembled the laptop in the correct order, you should be able to power up and see the BIOS screen. Now you need to install your preferred operating system to use your laptop.


These are the elementary steps you should follow while replacing the motherboard of your laptop. I hope this will help you to deal with your motherboard failure issue. Be attentive and careful while you are opening the laptop to look inside.


Motherboard failure is a common problem that people face while using laptops. After checking all other possibilities, you may find that the motherboard is the last suspect to verify why the laptop is not powering up. When any laptop has a motherboard that has failed, the only possible route for the end-user is to clean it and try to power up. This article will show you how to fix a motherboard failure on an Acer laptop.

Here are the steps you should follow to fix your motherboard failure in your Acer laptops from home.

Step 1: Take Safety Precautions

At first, you have to disconnect the power cable from the laptop. That will make sure your safety while starting the fixing process of your laptop. After that, flip the laptop upside down to remove the battery from it. If your laptop has an internally mounted battery, you can skip the step.

Step 2: Remove All Screws

Now, find the screw points of your laptop so that you can remove them. Keep the laptop upside-down until you have access to all the screw points of the laptop’s cover.

You have to unscrew the service plate’s cover of the laptop carefully. This will help you to gain access to the memory and drive as well as the wireless adapter. If your laptop requires removing all screws on the underside, then unscrew all possible screw locations. You must need to keep all the laptop’s screws in a safe location because you will need all these screws at the time of restoring your device.

Step 3: Separate Parts

After unscrewing, you can now open the laptop’s cover. Then, you have to remove the memory, storage, optical drive (if the laptop has one), and wireless adapter. There’s a chance you’ll have to deal with screws holding the drive and wireless adapters in place. You must also disconnect the wireless adapter’s black and white cables flowing away from the adapter. Be careful while you are into the laptop body because it is a little sensitive to handle a laptop’s internal chipset.

Step 4: Extract Cooling Fan

Therefore, you have to unplug all connections of your laptop from the motherboard. This includes the display, USB connectivity, cooling fan, and other chips. Remove the cooling fan by unplugging it from the motherboard. If there is any screw attached to the cooling fan, unscrew them and remove the fan.

Step 5: Use Circuit Cleaner

After that, you need to unscrew the heatsink assembly from the motherboard. And you have to use isopropyl alcohol to clean the thermal paste from the CPU, GPU, and chipset (if it’s a unified Heatpipe assembly). But suppose, for some reason, you may not have access to isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol. IN that case, you can use nail polish remover instead of isopropyl alcohol.

Step 6: Clean The Motherboard

You may or may not be required to remove the processor from the board, depending on the model of your Acer laptop. Next, you have to lift the processor and release all the connections. To use a circuit cleaner to clean the motherboard and wait for a while. This is the last work you need to do to fix your laptop motherboard problem.

Step 7: Reassemble

Finally, you have to restore all the connections to the laptop. For that, you need to place the processor on the motherboard. Next, you have to reapply thermal paste onto the die surfaces for your CPU, GPU, and chipset. Then remount the cooling assembly onto the motherboard of your laptop. And after that, connect the cooling fans’ power cable. Finally, you have to drop the motherboard with the processor and cooling assembly into the appropriate notch. If you’ve reassembled the laptop in the correct order, you should be able to power up and see the BIOS screen.

Final Thought

I hope following these simple steps will help you to fix the motherboard issues of your Acer laptops. As this is a common problem, you can fix it at home before asking an expert. Laptops mainly face motherboard-related issues often these days. If these simple steps cannot solve your problem, you have to replace the motherboard with a new one.

Dell laptop black screen

Dell is a technology company based in the USA. It excels in selling premium laptops at affordable prices. They are one of the most popular laptop manufacturers in the world. They offer many laptop models like Alienware, XPS, Inspiron, and Latitude. The laptops offer different configurations and features for many demographics. Everyone, including businessmen, students, and even professional gamers, can get a Dell Laptop.

Causes of Black Screen on Dell Laptop

Display Problems

Suppose your Dell laptop screen turns on first and then shuts down after some time. You need to check for issues in your connecting cable, video driver, and video card.

Device Overheating

Your laptop screen may turn black when your device reaches higher temperatures. Ensure proper ventilation in your room before turning it on again.

System Virus

If your laptop screen is black and your laptop is still running. This is a computer virus or malware present in your Dell laptop.

Hardware Failure

If there is some faulty hardware in your laptop, then your laptop screen may not turn on.

Windows 10 Installation Issues

When you are installing any windows OS, make sure that it is completely installed. If the operating system is not wholly installed, the display may still not turn on.

Power supply problem

If the power supply of your laptop is faulty, your laptop screen may still not turn on.

Fixing Dell Laptop Black Screen Problems

Graphics Driver Restart on Laptop

If you turn on your Dell Laptop and your screen is black. The reason may be that there is a poor connection between your device and the operating system. Restarting your driver may fix your problems.

1. Use the keyboard and press the “Windows”+“Ctrl”+ “Shift” keys with the letter “B.”

2. Wait for the graphics driver to restart. This fixes the black screen issue.

Graphics Driver Update

If you turn on your laptop and the screen is black, you may have an old version of the display driver installed. Install the latest updates of your display driver. Doing so will fix your black screen problems.

Display panel replacement

A faulty display panel may be the issue that is causing a black screen problem in your Dell laptop. Before replacing your display panel, check if your panel is faulty by using a spare external one. If the new screen displays your laptop screen, then you can change your display panel for an easy fix.

Laptop Force Shut Down

Force shut down your laptop to fix the black screen issue. When your laptop screen is black, remove the AC supply and force shut down your system, and follow the steps.

1. Remove any connected external devices.

2. Shut down your device for some time.

3. Remove the power cord from your laptop.

4. Hold your power key for a minute and let the battery drain.

5. Connect the charger again.

6. The black screen issue will fix after these steps.

Restart Laptop in Safe mode

If you experience a black screen right when you start your laptop, then you need to click the “Shift”+”8” keys together. This launches the recovery menu. Choose the safe mode. Your laptop then boots up in Safe Mode. You can troubleshoot the display settings and then restart. This fixes the black screen issue in your Dell laptop.

Connect External Display for Laptop

If you know your display panel is at fault, you can connect an external screen to your laptop. Till that issue persists, you can work on your laptop using the external screen.

Restart Explorer.exe process

This process manages many functions on a laptop. If you see a black screen and a cursor, you need to end the Explorer.exe process. Launch the task manager and then restart your laptop; this will fix the black screen problem.

BIOS Reset

An unwanted change in the settings of the BIOS of your Dell Laptop can be the reason for the black screen. Change the BIOS settings to default by clicking on the “F12” key when you start up your laptop. Set the BIOS to the default settings, and this fixes the black screen issue in your laptop.

BIOS Update

Visit the Dell laptop support website and download the latest update for your BIOS. Follow the instructions given on the support website and install the update. We fixed the black screen issue on your Dell laptop.

Reinstall Windows

If your laptop is on and you face a black screen issue, this might be due to a problem with the operating system. You need to clean up and reinstall the operating system. Reboot your laptop and reinstall the operating system by connecting the recovery media. We do this by using the internal drive, flash drive, or DVD.

FAQs for Dell Laptop Screens

What does the black screen on your laptop mean?

When your laptop screen turns black, it means that there are some issues with your laptop. The issues may be major or minor. Sometimes if your laptop screen turns black without warning, you may lose your data. This can lead to hindrance in your work. A professional tool can retrieve your lost data when the screen issue gets resolved.

When does your laptop screen turn Black?

If you update to a new version of Windows.

When you update Dell BIOS.

If you log in to Windows.

Why does the Laptop screen turn black?

There can be various reasons, because of which a laptop screen can turn black. For example, there may be a problem with the connection of the graphics driver and operating system. This issue is one of the most common problems. Other issues like overheating, viruses, and hardware issues lead to a black screen.

How do we fix your Laptop Screen?

You can fix your laptop following these steps:

  • Force Shut Down your Laptop
  • Restart the laptop Graphics drivers
  • Display panel replacement
  • Startup your laptop using Safe Mode
  • BIOS Update
  • Restart Explorer.exe process
  • Re-install Windows.

If the given solution doesn’t work we recommend you to call an authorized Dell laptop repair service center, they can provide you with solutions specific to your Dell laptop model.

Asus laptop

ASUS is a Taiwan-based technology company. They excel in manufacturing computers, phones, and electronics. ASUS laptops, known for their leading designs and innovation but also effective prices. Asus provides laptop models such as the Vivobook, Zenbook, TUF, and ROG. They offer a wide range of hardware and software configurations on their laptops. This combination makes them suitable for gamers, students, and business people.

When is it necessary to reset your ASUS laptop?

Factory reset in an ASUS laptop is the last resort. We do this only when the problem remains unknown or unsolvable without a reset. The factory reset settings solve many issues related to the software and hardware. They return the laptop to the factory settings, all the data, settings, and information. The factory reset settings can sometimes even solve the drivers and software conflicts.

This step is also performed when you hand over your laptop to someone else to protect your privacy. The new user will not be able to access your files as they are now deleted. This option enhances the privacy and security of your data.

You feel that you have downloaded too much software, remove them and freshen up your laptop. Too many downloaded files can make your system laggy.

How do we prepare for a factory reset?

Always backup vital settings and files before you perform a factory reset. Back up important data using any external storage device or cloud. The backup settings provided by windows are pointless as they create an image of your laptop. Once you restore the data, all the files get stored back, which defeats the purpose.

Factory reset on any device takes time. Plan your reset when you don’t use your ASUS laptop for some time. When the files are downloading, you can still cancel the factory reset process but not after that.

Steps to Factory reset an ASUS Laptop

The factory reset settings on an ASUS laptop remove the old operating system. After the reset, the system installs a new operating system. Troubleshooting a persistent problem will lead you to a factory reset. Factory reset becomes all the more essential when you plan to gift or sell your used laptop.

  • Search for Reset this PC option in the windows search bar
  • Upon selection, the recovery menu opens. Click on the Get started button in the Reset this PC recovery menu.
  • Upon the final selection, you can get offered three different options. Each leads in the same direction to Factory reset your PC.

Keep My Files: The keep my files option will remove all the settings software and third-party data. All the personal data files stored on your PC will remain untouched. This option is helpful if you intend to keep the laptop.

Remove Everything: The remove everything option does not leave anything back. You get the laptop as you received from the Factory. All the data files, settings, software clear, and a new operating system will install. This step is helpful if you intend to gift or sell your used ASUS laptop.

Restore Factory Settings: This setting is only offered with windows 10 laptops. These computers used to run on a previous version of windows. After you click on these settings, it deletes the old data files, software, and settings. The laptop is then taken back to a previous version of the Windows operating system. Perform this operation only if you prefer to use the previous version rather than a new one. You may have to reinstall the updates to get to the latest version.

After some time, two options appear on the screen choose the one suitable for you:

Cloud Download: This type of reset requires the use of internet access. Prefer this option only if you have an active internet connection during the reset. The system downloads the latest version of the windows OS and installs it. It comes bundled with the latest drivers and settings, which are also installed.

Local Reinstall: Click on this option only if you don’t have access to the internet. After Factory Reset settings, your laptop returns to the same version of Windows. Installing updates to the latest version of the OS also requires the internet.

The change settings option shows, you can change some if you want or press Next. The setting is select before, so it doesn’t need any update.

The final confirmation button with reset appears. You can select this to begin the factory reset process.

This process roughly takes around 15 minutes. You can leave your laptop unattended now. The reset speed also depends upon your internet speed and ASUS laptop configurations.

FAQs on ASUS Laptop Factory Settings

How does anyone factory reset an ASUS Laptop?

In windows 10, resetting an ASUS laptop is a simple task. You can search for Reset this PC option. Then select “Update & Security” under “Settings”. Finally, select “Recovery.” Then click on Get Started in Reset options. Follow the instructions given by your laptop to change your PC back to the factory settings.

What happens when I Factory reset my ASUS laptop?

Select the “Remove Everything” option from the menu while resetting. Any data stored on the hard drive of your laptop gets erased, including personal or system data. It is always recommended to backup your necessary data when you reset your system. Once the factory reset process begins, you cannot cancel or stop it.

Can you Factory reset a laptop from BIOS?

Asus laptops come with a recovery partition, which you can access through the BIOS. You can use that to Factory Reset your ASUS laptop. If you can’t access the BIOS setting, remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard for some time. Resetting the BIOS can then begin the factory reset process.

How can I restore my ASUS laptop to Windows 10 without recovery media?

Follow these steps to reach the factory reset option on your computer system

  • Type Control Panel in the Start menu
  • Select System & Security then select Backup and Restore
  • Select Recover System on your ASUS laptop
  • Choose Advanced recovery methods
  • Now select return computer to factory settings
  • Select Skip and start the factory reset process
  • The laptop will restart to the original factory settings

If the given solution doesn’t work we recommend you to call an authorized Asus laptop repair service center, they can provide you with solutions specific to your Asus laptop model.

hp laptop

Hewlett Packard known as HP is a US-based electronic equipment manufacturing company. They are one of the leading laptop manufacturers in the world. HP provides people with different models like Spectre, Envy, and Pavilion. All the models have different specifications that serve different user bases.

In today’s world, laptops are a must-have item for everyone. As a result, we must learn to solve our own problems. HP-built laptops have a minimalist style and will be with you for a long time. They require very little maintenance over time and are very dependable.

A motherboard is the most expensive part of any laptop. If you face issues with the motherboard it is best to buy a new one. You can try to troubleshoot issues before purchasing a new laptop to assess the situation.

Signs of HP Laptop Motherboard Issues:

Errors with blue screen
If your HP laptop screen often turns blue this indicates motherboard issues.

Freezing of Hardware and Softwares
Frequent freezing of hardware and software sometimes states a faulty motherboard.

Failure to connect accessories
Accessories or peripherals show unusual behavior or error while working.

Audio/Video Failure
No audio or video internal and external may suggest motherboard issues

Burning Smell
The burning smell suggests overheating issues. Overheating can lead to motherboard issues.

Long time to boot
Longer boot time than usual may also suggest a faulty motherboard component.

File corruption
A faulty motherboard can make your files corrupt and this could lead to loss of data.

Random Start and Shut Down of laptop
If the laptop turns on or shuts down on its own this may suggest the components of the motherboards are faulty.

What is a Motherboard?

The motherboard in a laptop is a circuit board that allows the computer to function. The integrated circuit board consists of many components; they act as a single unit. The motherboard helps to connect all the components of the computer.

The motherboard in any laptop has no function of its own. The memory unit of any laptop gets connected to the CPU by the motherboard. The motherboard regulates all the electronic components of any laptop.

Components of a Motherboard:

Components of the motherboard help with the different functions performed by the Laptop.

The microprocessor is known as the brain of the laptop. It executes and processes all the instructions given to a computer to execute a program.

Computer Memory:
The computer memory stores all the data so that when required the data can be used.

The BIOS is software installed on the Motherboard. It becomes active when you startup the laptop. The BIOS makes a connection between the operating system and the hardware of a laptop.

CMOS Battery:
The CMOS battery works when the laptop is in a power-off state. The RAM chips organization takes place using the CMOS battery

Causes of Motherboard Failures:

Fluctuation in the household voltage
Accidental Liquid Damage
Overheating due to dust and smoke
Accidental Physical Damage
Aging and wear

Troubleshooting HP Laptop Motherboard Issues

A normal person cannot handle the repair of the motherboard. One should take their laptop to an authorized HP service center. Authorized service centres allow expert technicians and engineers to handle your laptop to prevent further damage.

Screen Check-up

Check your screen for power. When the power is on make sure that the video cable is connected to your display and the connection is not loose. If the problem does not resolve on itself remove and re-insert the cable. Restart your computer and make sure that it works.

Graphic Hardware Check-up

Check for a fault in the graphics card by taking it out and plugging it back in. Insert the video cable of your screen to the slot and then restart your HP laptop. If there are no issues after booting up, it means that your graphics card is faulty, replace it and you are good to go.

Internal Hardware Check-up

Your motherboard only requires the processor, RAM, fan and, SPMs to start functioning. Remove all the other internal hardware connected to the motherboard and start rebooting. If there are no issues after that, it means that you have internal hardware that is faulty. You can replace the faulty hardware to solve the issues in your laptop.

Battery Check-up

Some errors happen when the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) battery drains. Remove that battery and reboot the system if there are no errors, replace the battery with a new one. This should solve the problems with your HP laptop.

RAM Check-up

A common issue that is by mistake assumed as motherboard failure is the RAM issue. The motherboard also won’t work if your RAM is dead. If your HP laptop has more than one RAM you need to check for the issue by removing and checking each one.

If the error is because of the RAM chip you need to get your RAM chip replaced. RAM is an essential component for the functioning of the motherboard. You should get the RAM to get it replaced or repaired.

Motherboard repairs are sometimes costly and can lead to the loss of data. You should know the causes so that you can prevent further damage to your HP laptop.

Motherboard FAQs

Why are motherboards expensive?
Not all motherboards are expensive but some are due to their expensive components.

Are motherboards easy to destroy?
Motherboards are sometimes destroyed by regular wear and tear or with time. But you can’t destroy a motherboard with ease. Each motherboard is built to withstand higher temperatures. To avoid these issues make sure that you handle the hardware components with care.

Can you repair a motherboard?
Motherboard repairs are difficult to do as you cannot find the exact issue. Once damaged it is better to buy a new laptop or a new motherboard. Motherboard repairs are only done by professionals.

Can a Graphics card lead to motherboard damage?
Usually, a faulty graphics card cannot damage a laptop’s motherboard. The graphics card when installed without proper care can lead to motherboard damage.

lenovo laptop

Lenovo is a China-based technology company. They are the biggest selling laptop manufacturer in the whole world. Lenovo released models like Thinkpad and Ideapad. These laptop models have gained more popularity over the years.

Lenovo dominates the work and professionals market by providing value for money laptops. But with the release of the Legion models, the company also entered the gaming sector. Lenovo laptops offer models with different specifications and designs. This makes them qualified to fit any budget slabs. You can pick a Lenovo laptop that can match your lifestyle.

There are some issues in a Lenovo laptop in which the webcam doesn’t work. The device driver in the Lenovo laptop may not be functioning properly, or there may be an issue with in-camera detection. This problem can also be found in other laptops.

In many Lenovo laptops, the settings are the cause of this issue. They turn the camera off to ensure the user’s privacy. Turning the settings off can solve your issue with ease. But sometimes some updates need installing for the camera to work. The following list shows the causes and the solutions that you need to do to solve your camera issues.

How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Camera Issues

Method 1: Choose Camera Privacy Settings

In the windows operating system, settings allow you to choose your privacy settings. This gives the user control over the camera access. You can enable or disable the use of the camera for the different apps installed on your Laptop.
• Click the Windows icon and type “Camera Privacy settings”. Choose the icon that appears on the screen.
• Click on the toggle switch to allow access to all the apps on the Laptop.
• The next menu shows the list of apps installed on the Laptop. Turn on the toggle switch for the apps that you need camera access to.
• Close the window and check if your Lenovo laptop camera is working

Method 2: Update the Camera Driver

There may be an issue if windows have installed the wrong camera driver or the driver needs an update. Check and see if updating the camera driver can solve your camera problems. Follow these steps to update your camera driver:
• Click on the Windows key.
• Search for Device Manager in the Windows search.
• Select imaging device or Camera in the list and double click.
• Find Lenovo Easy Camera from the drop-down list.
• Right-click to reveal the Update driver option and select it.
• Click on search and Windows will automatically scan the internet for pending updates of the driver.

Then click the Update button to install the new update and once installation over click the restart button. After restart check, if the camera is working. Sometimes windows cannot detect the updates for the new drivers. In that case, you can uninstall the camera driver and Install a new one by following the steps given in Fix 3.

Method 3: Reinstall the Camera Driver

The camera driver of your laptop may have corrupted due to the install of a new Windows OS. The conflict with the OS can cause camera issues. Follow these steps to uninstall and reinstall the driver to solve the issues:
• Open the Run command from the Start menu and type “devmgmt.msc” and select Enter.
• Click on Imaging devices or Camera to open your Camera device.
• Right-click and Uninstall the camera device.
• Confirm the Uninstall.
• Restart your computer.
• Select Run command from the Start menu and type “devmgmt.msc” and click enter.
• Now click Action and then search for new hardware devices.
• Windows will detect the camera reinstall the device driver.
• Restart the system and check if the camera is working.

Method 4: Select the Correct Program Settings

Perform this fix when your camera works for some applications but not for others. There needs to be some change in the Program Settings.
• Check for program settings in the windows setting app.
• Select Lenovo Easy Camera as the default camera in the settings.
The change in the Program settings on your laptop can lead you to a working camera.

Method 5: Remove Lenovo Setting Application

This solution acts as the last resort, you can perform this if non of the settings work. The Lenovo settings app can sometimes interfere with the working of the camera of your laptop.
These settings can are governable by windows settings so the app is not required.
Remove the app by following these steps.
• Open Control Panel from the Start Menu.
• Choose the Program & Features Menu.
• Uninstall the “Lenovo Settings Dependency Package” from the list.
• Restart the laptop and check if the camera is working as expected.

Lenovo Laptop Camera FAQs

Can you deny access to certain software and allow it to others?

If you want the software to not have access to your camera you can follow these steps. They will lead you to the privacy settings of your laptop camera. Search for Camera Privacy settings in the windows search. Then scroll down to the option “Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your Camera”. You can toggle on or off and select from the list of given apps. These can protect your camera privacy from all the third-party apps downloaded from the windows store. You can also choose to allow access if your camera doesn’t work.

What can I do to fix my blurry camera?

If you have a blurry but working camera you first need to clean your camera lens. Scratches, dust can degrade your camera quality. Any missing updated drivers can also cause blurry camera issues. Performing a Windows or Driver update should solve the problem of a blurry camera. Your antivirus can also prevent your camera from working. Check to see if this is the case using task manager. Scan for changes in the camera and turn them back. Restart your windows to solve the blurry camera issues.

If the given solution doesn’t work we recommend you to call an authorized Lenovo laptop repair service center, they can provide you with solutions specific to your Lenovo laptop model.

MacBook Water Damage

Repairing a MacBook that has gone through water damage is not an easy task. Even slight spills might create some serious issues in its function. Hence, professional tools and help are required to repair it. Ensure you are not in haste after your MacBook has suffered a water splash. The damage could be controlled. However, avoid using alcohol for drying or cleaning it as it might damage the system even further. Let’s move further and get familiar with the primary steps to make sure your MacBook will not destroy after water damage.

Primary steps right after MacBook water damage

As soon as you know your MacBook is in water, take it out from the wet area. Here is what you have to do after that:

  • Do not check if it’s working – People often make this mistake. As soon as their system gets in the water, they try to switch the system on. Bad choice, do not do it.
  • Handle with care – Use absorbent towels or gravity to take out the water carefully. People often make way for water inside the system while brushing it off. Be extra cautious around the keyboard, vents, joints, and ports.
  • Dissemble – Right after rinsing off the water, remove whatever part you can from Mac, pull out the hard drive and remove the battery as well.
  • Tilt-up – Let the process of gravity work for you, tilt your Mac like a teepee, and leave it on support for a long period. Please don’t touch it for hours.
  • Rice might help – Take the moisture out with the help of uncooked rice, as it will soak all the water and even the tiny droplets. Give it some time.

When you mess up with a system like MacBook, it becomes quite understood that you want to know whether the water damage is cured or not quickly. However, experts suggest you must give it some time, do not plugin before a couple of days have passed. After around 48 hours, test if your system is working fine or not. There are chances that it might have healed, but if not. Then it is better to take your MacBook to a reputable and professional service provider as they might have the experience of repairing a water-damaged system.

Services that you can avail for repairing your MacBook

There are several types of services based on the level offered by the service providers. Here is the level of services for MacBook that you must know-

First level: Cleaning of your Device

Cleaning of the logic board. Parts of your MacBook like the touchpad, keyboard, screen, hard drive, and battery must be either cleaned or replaced. After that, reassemble it to see whether it has started functioning or not. In case your logic board has been damaged, then the MacBook will not be repaired. You might have to replace the complete logic board, and this will be an expensive affair. Hence, if you can find a logic board that is refurbished, then go for it. This service provider will ask you for a fee for assessment as the cleaning job takes a lot of time and the chances of survival are not very high. Repairing centers that are authorized by Apple as well as third parties offer this level of service. Water-damaged MacBook doesn’t fall under warranty standards offered by Apple. Hence, even if your Mac has an Apple Care+, you will be charged a service fee. Along with that, Apple doesn’t offer services for recovering data, but if you need it, you must have the Mac data recovery service.

Second level: Replacement or cleaning touchpad

This service offers to replace or clean the touchpad, screen, battery, hard drive, and keyboard. Along with that, it replaces chips of the logic board that are corroded then your Mac is cleaned with the help of an ultrasonic cleaning device. The technician who performs this job must be well-skilled in micro soldering. This level of service results in a higher rate of success; hence, the technician might not ask for an assessment fee. Only some experienced professionals can provide second-level service as it needs a special skill set and knowledge.

Third level: Troubleshooting to find errors in your MacBook

This level of service is offered, including the other two levels. At this level, a software engineer does troubleshooting for spotting the faulty chips that got away from the microscope. Performing this job needs a very high level of knowledge, skills, and equipment. Your service provider must understand the design of Apple’s logic board in a comprehensive way. Along with that, the depot facilities of Apple are only available in China and the USA. Thus, very few skilled third-party service providers can provide this level of service. Most of the time, no assessment fee is charged for this process as it results in a higher rate of success than the other two levels.

Hopefully, this might have helped you to get an insight on recovering your MacBook from spilled water and other liquid damage. If this helps, make sure that your soda, water, or drink is far away from your MacBook. Be cautious to avoid any similar accidents in the future. Make sure that the water damage to your MacBook (if it happens again in the future) is minimized with the help of waterproof skin. However, the waterproof skin is not a sure shot guarantee, but it might handle a few drops or slight spills in an efficient way.


When you are fully aware of the MacBook water damage and its cure for your MacBook, make certain that you do not make any rookie mistakes. For instance, plugging in the charger to see if it’s working, using a hairdryer to remove water, and end up damaging other sensitive components. Finally, do not shake your system like a rug and this will not help at all. Water damage is controllable, but you have to be cautious.

hp laptop screen repair

Regardless of how gently you use your laptop, a user generally faces a lot of problems while working on a laptop. Many types of errors may occur in your device, and they might be regarding your laptop’s hardware or software. The brand of your laptop doesn’t even matter that much. Some of the common problems like processing, assembly, configuration, or black screen may occur in any brand.

Determine faulty screen issue:

Most HP laptop users face black screen problems whenever they turn it on or suddenly while working on it. There can be many reasons that can cause a black screen in your laptop. Sometimes it can be hard to find the exact reason for the cause. But the most common cause of arising this issue is any fault in the hardware, GPU’s loose connections or having the bad cables and ports may result in black screen.

If having faulty hardware is not the issue, the problem must be in the laptop’s software, such as any corrupted software. Attaching an external screen can be an experiment to determine the cause of the problem from the display or the GPU. You have to connect an HDTV with your HP laptop with its suitable connectivity cable. The same screen will reflect on your HDTV too. Observe that if the same black screen is appearing on your HDTV or not.

If the black screen doesn’t appear on the HDTV, it clarifies that the problem is with your display. And if the black screen appears on the second screen, it means that your graphic card is at fault. Yet both are considered hardware issues. Without having sufficient knowledge to fix it, if you do so, this may cause multiple problems in your device, including horizontal lines. The solutions given below may help you provide an easy fix for your HP laptop’s black screen.

Tips to fix Black Screen appearing on your HP laptop:

Note: If you cannot log in to your laptop’s Windows, you always need to first boot your laptop in safe mode before applying these solutions.

Solution 1: Reset your laptop

Faulty hardware can be the reason for your laptop’s black screen. To determine and rectify the issue, you should disconnect any third-party hardware device if connected and follow the steps: –

  • Turn off the system
  • Now cut the power and remove any hard drive and battery or any attached external device.
  • Press the power button and hold it for at least 1 minute. After this, release the button.
  • After this process, only put the battery and pug inside the charger and nothing else.
  • At last, boot your laptop and see if it rectified the issue.

If this solution provides you with an effective result, then you got your fix for the problem. Suppose the black screen on your HP laptop is still present. Don’t panic or need to worry, and we have other solutions on the way for you.

Solution 2: Restart the Explorer

If suddenly your explorer has been closed, which might be due to a virus, the laptop display probably goes to a black screen. Explorer.exe would handle most of the process of the desktop, taskbar, and many more if any fault occurred in your laptop regarding this problem. Your taskbar or desktop may become invisible and may turn the screen black. To overcome this problem, follow the steps given below: –

  • Firstly, open the task manager by pressing the Ctrl key along with shift and Esc on your keyboard.
  • If you are using Windows 7, go to the processes tab or click on the Details tab.
  • In the details tab, scroll downwards and find exe.
  • End explorer.exe process by selecting and clicking on the End task key.
  • At last, restart your laptop and check that the black screen issue is resolved or not.

Or, if you are not able to find the explorer.exe in your details tab, you can do it by yourself: –

  • In task manager itself, go on file and select run new task
  • Search for explorer.exe by typing it on the space given and press enter key.
  • The process will start running and make your screen normal.

Solution 3: Update Graphics card drive

Outdated version of your graphic card driver might result in sluggish performance and even the appearance of a black screen on a laptop. To avoid these problems, you have to keep your graphic card driver up to date and try to use the latest available version. You can update your graphic card driver in two ways, either manually or automatically.

If you have great computer commanding skills with a lot of time, you may prefer manual installation. But the risk percentage is more in choosing a manual option. As working manually, you have to recognize your system and a suitable driver for the laptop, and also, we have a risk of downloading or installing the wrong driver. To eliminate these risks, you should prefer for automatic option and follow the following steps: –

  • Download the “driver easy” application and install it. It automatically recognizes your system and finds the best driver for your laptop.
  • Now run the driver easy app and click on the scan button. The driver will scan and detect if any problem present.
  • Click on the update button at the bottom of the screen, which automatically downloads the best version of the driver for you.
  • After the updating process is done, restart your laptop, and now the black screen is resolved.

Solution 4: Disable Fast Start-up

When you disable your fast start-up option in your HP laptop. It might fix the black screen issue. Follow the steps given: –

  • Open the Control panel and click on the power option.
  • Click on Choose what power buttons do the key.
  • After that, click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  • Untick the Turn on fast start-up and at last click on Save changes.
  • Now restart your laptop, and the black screen issue is resolved.


Having the malfunctions caused in your HP laptop’s display may let you face many problems. Our HP laptop screen repair services cover all makes and models. If you find a minimal issue in your device, you can fix it by yourself, but if the damage occurred is extensive, it will be good for you to get the assistance of a professional.

acer laptop repair

Regardless of how gently you use your laptop, a user generally faces many problems working on it. Many types of errors may occur in your device, and they might be regarding your laptop’s hardware or software. The brand of your laptop doesn’t even matter that much. Some of the common problems like processing, assembly, or configuration may occur in any brand.

However, Acer Laptop users are most commonly confronted with five different types of errors. Suppose you face the problems like freezing frames in your laptop’s display, sluggish processing performance, incapability of the motherboard. You must follow the steps provided herein, which may provide satisfaction to your concern, or if not getting the proper results, you should contact your nearest Acer service center. The assistance of professionals can be the best solution for your problems. Here we provide you with five easy fixes to the problems that may help you resolve all the problems quickly and effectively.

Five common problems of Acer laptops and easy solution:

System’s heating problem

When the system’s processor is overloaded and not giving up to the mark performance, when there is an excessive amount of increment in heat, this may generally result in the heating problem of the whole system. The excess heating issue may damage the laptop’s internal parts, instead of having a fan inside the laptop to regulate the temperature and cool down the excess storage of heat in your electrical device.

The solution to fix the heating issue:

  1. Remove the dust: If you are facing a heating problem in the laptop, the first step you have to follow is cleaning the dust present inside your device. Vents are present inside your laptop for easy flow of the air and heat. The dust clogged inside may dysfunction some parts like it may prevent fan blades or vent from working effectively. The dust ultimately causes the fan to work harder, and the heat may not be released, which results in a heating issue.
  2. Keep the laptop in the cool room: It’s an optional step to follow depending upon the level of heating. You have to keep your heated laptop in a cool room which may maintain a proper temperature. After it is done, you may move it further.
  3. Proper ventilation: You should always keep your laptop at a proper height, giving your good laptop ventilation. As we discussed above, the stuck dust might increase heating, and good ventilation may solve this problem.
  4. Always keep your laptop updated: As Acer provides BIOS updates for the users.
  5. Low power mode: Always try to work on your laptop using low power consumption mode. By doing this, your laptop consumes less power and release low heat, and will remain cool.

Low-performance rate with long boot time

If you are also facing the problem of sluggish performance, lacking or your device is getting hang when you use several applications at a time. And if your laptop is taking more than regular boot time, then the bootloader is much needed.

The solution to fix the problem:

  1.  Firstly, you have to uninstall all the unused applications or programs. For the long run, to get over this problem, you have to download ‘suite 7 professional tool’, which is an effective optimizer and start-up manager.
  2. Upgrading to an advanced RAM level can be a good solution to get rid of its sluggish performance. Slow performance can result from low memory as your laptop might require more memory to function properly.

Sudden shut down the problem

This is considered a common problem for Acer users. This can be cured by applying some common fixes. You have to analyze the issue and troubleshoot the particular section of the software causing the problem.

The solution to fix the problem:

 Every Acer laptop has a pre-installed antivirus named ‘Windows defender. So, the user has to uninstall all the third-party installed applications and programs. These programs may lead you to the laptop shutdown.

  1. Mainly the program or applications running in the background may cause multiple malfunctions in your system resulting from your laptop shutdown. Close all the programs running in the background, and if you are not able to close them use task manager to close them anyhow.
  2. Always keep your laptop updated.  Always keep searching for updates to keep your laptop up to date.

Flickering or Black screen issue

If you are using Windows 10 on your laptop, you must have gone through a problem with the unexpected appearance of a black screen. To fix this issue of flickering or blacking of the screen, you have to follow some steps on your Acer laptop.

The solution to fix the problem:

  1.  The following reasons may cause this problem: Application incompatibility and issue in the display driver.
  2. Avoid connecting any external device as it may result in a blackout of your laptop screen.
  3. In this situation, you have to wake up your laptop’s display by clicking ‘Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B.’
  4. If the issue is not resolved, then the last option is to troubleshoot your laptop to fix the problem. This can do by restarting your laptop and boot in the device in safe mode.

Excessive notice from laptop’s fan

As we already discussed, when you work in a high-power mode, the processor has to work with high frequency, and also, the fan starts spinning faster. Dust is also one of the reasons for fans causing more notice while spinning. But most of the peoples are less bothered about cleaning the fan. Many of them are afraid and still dependent on experts for such cleaning purposes.

The solution to fix the problem:

  1.  One must not overshadow this minor problem as this may result in obstruction in fan blades and make them noisier while working.
  2. You have to turn off your laptop and cut its electricity flow.
  3. Remove its battery and try to find an air vent placed at the outer edge.
  4. Unscrew the below panels, and now you can see the fan.
  5. Deep clean the fan and blow out all the dust present.


Not every Acer laptop has these problems. But one must get his mind prepared before purchasing a laptop to encounter suck issues. We perform Acer Laptop screen replacement if your screen is flickering, has brightness issues, lines, scratches, or marks.

MacBook pro screen repair

In the MacBook Pro series of computers, Apple has used two different types of screens that are light-emitting display and a liquid crystal display. Both the screens have their pros and cons, they both use different technologies and both may face any type of error problems regarding hardware or software.

The most common problem arising out with all the MacBook pro users nowadays is, a horizontal line is appearing on the screen which causes disturbance and also hinders its flawless working. Without having sufficient knowledge to fix it if you do so, this may cause multiple problems in your device including horizontal lines.

Fix Macbook pro horizontal or vertical lines on screen:

Are you tired of those annoying horizontal or vertical lines ruining your MacBook Pro’s display? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this video, we’ll show you how to fix those pesky lines and get your screen back to its pristine condition.


The MacBook Pro has an LCD or LED screen resolution display that is connected to the video card placed inside the laptop’s chassis. For an effective display purpose, it follows a particular process in which the binary data firstly goes to the CPU and then transferred to the video card.

The work of the video card is translated and put the data into an image form and shown that image on the computer display. So, if the settings, components, or any connection between the two is done in a faulty manner will cause numerous errors in the display including these horizontal lines in MacBook pro.

Temporary fixing of the screen

A quick and easy method for fixing your screen from the errors that occurred by the mismanagement of the connection between the internal hardware and display is to move your MacBook pro screen to different positions. You have to just close and open the MacBook’s screen and if it doesn’t work, they may have an option of changing the angle of the screen until the horizontal lines in the display disappear.

If adjusting the position of the display doesn’t help you or come up with any positive result for you. Then you might have a clear image in mind, that the fault is not related to your MacBook’s hardware, the problem must be an issue with internal software.

Tips to fix horizontal lines appearing on your MacBook Pro

Most of the MacBook Pro owners are reporting their complaints about the appearance of horizontal lines in their devices. This problem is likely to be a hardware issue. So, here are some tips to fix the issue: –

Step 1: Reset SMC of your MacBook: The first thing an individual must do is to immediately reset the SMC of the MacBook, to reset the SMC, you have to follow the steps.

There are two types of models available in the market, the one that has a T2 chip and the other one is without it. So, to reset the model’s SMC having T2 chip, follow the steps:

  • Turn off your device (MacBook Pro).
  • Hold the left control and press the Alt option placed at your left, with a right shift key.
  • Hold the above keys for at least 7-10 seconds. Without letting them release, press and hold the power button present on your MacBook Pro.
  • Now, additionally, keep all these four keys pressed for about 7-10 seconds more.
  • Now, release the keys you pressed and wait for at least 30 seconds, and after that turn on your MacBook Pro.

To reset the model’s SMC without having a T2 chip, follow the steps given below: –

  • The first step that always remains the same is to shut down your device (MacBook Pro).
  • Hold shift key of the left side and left control along with left Alt option key available.
  • Hold the above keys for at least 10-12 seconds. Without letting them release, press and hold the power button on your MacBook Pro.
  • Now, additionally, keep all these four keys pressed for about 10 seconds more.
  • Now, release the keys you pressed and wait for at least 20-30 seconds, and after that turn on your MacBook Pro.

Step 2: Reset NVRAM on MacBook Pro: After completing the above process, the individual has to reset their MacBook’s NVRAM with the following steps:

  • Restart your MacBook.
  • After turning your MacBook back on, press the command keys P and R and keep it held.
  • After hearing the start-up sound of the MacBook for the second time, then after you have to release the keys.
  • With the models having a T2 chip, you have to keep in mind before releasing the keys, after when the Apple logo appears and disappears for the second time.

Another method to fix the issue

Research indicates that most of the Apple engineers are well aware of this error popping up and they are still working to fix it as soon as they can. So, here is another simple method to fix the problem: –

  • Press the control key along with shift and eject, this will ultimately turn off your MacBook Pro and reset it.
  • Put your MacBook Pro to sleep, this you can do by going to the Apple menu closing the lid.
  • Let the MacBook sleep, till then wait. After then press any key button from the keyboard to wake the MacBook from sleep mode.

This is considered the most prominent and easy method to fix this error.

Attach External Screen

This is just an experiment to determine the cause of the problem whether it is from the display or the GPU. You have to just connect an HDTV with your MacBook Pro with its suitable connectivity cable, the same screen will reflect on your HDTV too. Observe that if the same horizontal lines are appearing on your HDTV or not.

If the lines don’t appear on the HDTV, then it makes clear that the problem is with your display. And if the lines appear on the second screen too, it means that your graphic card is at fault. Yet both are considered as hardware issues, the best solution is to contact an Apple service center.


The Macbook Pro screen repair may cause you to experience a number of operational issues. This may cause your MacBook display to work inefficiently and occasionally cause glitches. To figure out what’s wrong, you’ll need to troubleshoot your MacBook. If you discover a minor problem with your device, you can repair it yourself; however, if the damage is extensive, you should seek the assistance of a professional.