MacBook Water Damage

Is it Possible to Repair a MacBook That has Water Damage?

Repairing a MacBook that has gone through water damage is not an easy task. Even slight spills might create some serious issues in its function. Hence, professional tools and help are required to repair it. Ensure you are not in haste after your MacBook has suffered a water splash. The damage could be controlled. However, avoid using alcohol for drying or cleaning it as it might damage the system even further. Let’s move further and get familiar with the primary steps to make sure your MacBook will not destroy after water damage.

Primary steps right after MacBook water damage

As soon as you know your MacBook is in water, take it out from the wet area. Here is what you have to do after that:

  • Do not check if it’s working – People often make this mistake. As soon as their system gets in the water, they try to switch the system on. Bad choice, do not do it.
  • Handle with care – Use absorbent towels or gravity to take out the water carefully. People often make way for water inside the system while brushing it off. Be extra cautious around the keyboard, vents, joints, and ports.
  • Dissemble – Right after rinsing off the water, remove whatever part you can from Mac, pull out the hard drive and remove the battery as well.
  • Tilt-up – Let the process of gravity work for you, tilt your Mac like a teepee, and leave it on support for a long period. Please don’t touch it for hours.
  • Rice might help – Take the moisture out with the help of uncooked rice, as it will soak all the water and even the tiny droplets. Give it some time.

When you mess up with a system like MacBook, it becomes quite understood that you want to know whether the water damage is cured or not quickly. However, experts suggest you must give it some time, do not plugin before a couple of days have passed. After around 48 hours, test if your system is working fine or not. There are chances that it might have healed, but if not. Then it is better to take your MacBook to a reputable and professional service provider as they might have the experience of repairing a water-damaged system.

Services that you can avail for repairing your MacBook

There are several types of services based on the level offered by the service providers. Here is the level of services for MacBook that you must know-

First level: Cleaning of your Device

Cleaning of the logic board. Parts of your MacBook like the touchpad, keyboard, screen, hard drive, and battery must be either cleaned or replaced. After that, reassemble it to see whether it has started functioning or not. In case your logic board has been damaged, then the MacBook will not be repaired. You might have to replace the complete logic board, and this will be an expensive affair. Hence, if you can find a logic board that is refurbished, then go for it. This service provider will ask you for a fee for assessment as the cleaning job takes a lot of time and the chances of survival are not very high. Repairing centers that are authorized by Apple as well as third parties offer this level of service. Water-damaged MacBook doesn’t fall under warranty standards offered by Apple. Hence, even if your Mac has an Apple Care+, you will be charged a service fee. Along with that, Apple doesn’t offer services for recovering data, but if you need it, you must have the Mac data recovery service.

Second level: Replacement or cleaning touchpad

This service offers to replace or clean the touchpad, screen, battery, hard drive, and keyboard. Along with that, it replaces chips of the logic board that are corroded then your Mac is cleaned with the help of an ultrasonic cleaning device. The technician who performs this job must be well-skilled in micro soldering. This level of service results in a higher rate of success; hence, the technician might not ask for an assessment fee. Only some experienced professionals can provide second-level service as it needs a special skill set and knowledge.

Third level: Troubleshooting to find errors in your MacBook

This level of service is offered, including the other two levels. At this level, a software engineer does troubleshooting for spotting the faulty chips that got away from the microscope. Performing this job needs a very high level of knowledge, skills, and equipment. Your service provider must understand the design of Apple’s logic board in a comprehensive way. Along with that, the depot facilities of Apple are only available in China and the USA. Thus, very few skilled third-party service providers can provide this level of service. Most of the time, no assessment fee is charged for this process as it results in a higher rate of success than the other two levels.

Hopefully, this might have helped you to get an insight on recovering your MacBook from spilled water and other liquid damage. If this helps, make sure that your soda, water, or drink is far away from your MacBook. Be cautious to avoid any similar accidents in the future. Make sure that the water damage to your MacBook (if it happens again in the future) is minimized with the help of waterproof skin. However, the waterproof skin is not a sure shot guarantee, but it might handle a few drops or slight spills in an efficient way.


When you are fully aware of the MacBook water damage and its cure for your MacBook, make certain that you do not make any rookie mistakes. For instance, plugging in the charger to see if it’s working, using a hairdryer to remove water, and end up damaging other sensitive components. Finally, do not shake your system like a rug and this will not help at all. Water damage is controllable, but you have to be cautious.

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