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How to Troubleshoot an HP Laptop Motherboard Issue

Hewlett Packard known as HP is a US-based electronic equipment manufacturing company. They are one of the leading laptop manufacturers in the world. HP provides people with different models like Spectre, Envy, and Pavilion. All the models have different specifications that serve different user bases.

In today’s world, laptops are a must-have item for everyone. As a result, we must learn to solve our own problems. HP-built laptops have a minimalist style and will be with you for a long time. They require very little maintenance over time and are very dependable.

A motherboard is the most expensive part of any laptop. If you face issues with the motherboard it is best to buy a new one. You can try to troubleshoot issues before purchasing a new laptop to assess the situation.

Signs of HP Laptop Motherboard Issues:

Errors with blue screen
If your HP laptop screen often turns blue this indicates motherboard issues.

Freezing of Hardware and Softwares
Frequent freezing of hardware and software sometimes states a faulty motherboard.

Failure to connect accessories
Accessories or peripherals show unusual behavior or error while working.

Audio/Video Failure
No audio or video internal and external may suggest motherboard issues

Burning Smell
The burning smell suggests overheating issues. Overheating can lead to motherboard issues.

Long time to boot
Longer boot time than usual may also suggest a faulty motherboard component.

File corruption
A faulty motherboard can make your files corrupt and this could lead to loss of data.

Random Start and Shut Down of laptop
If the laptop turns on or shuts down on its own this may suggest the components of the motherboards are faulty.

What is a Motherboard?

The motherboard in a laptop is a circuit board that allows the computer to function. The integrated circuit board consists of many components; they act as a single unit. The motherboard helps to connect all the components of the computer.

The motherboard in any laptop has no function of its own. The memory unit of any laptop gets connected to the CPU by the motherboard. The motherboard regulates all the electronic components of any laptop.

Components of a Motherboard:

Components of the motherboard help with the different functions performed by the Laptop.

The microprocessor is known as the brain of the laptop. It executes and processes all the instructions given to a computer to execute a program.

Computer Memory:
The computer memory stores all the data so that when required the data can be used.

The BIOS is software installed on the Motherboard. It becomes active when you startup the laptop. The BIOS makes a connection between the operating system and the hardware of a laptop.

CMOS Battery:
The CMOS battery works when the laptop is in a power-off state. The RAM chips organization takes place using the CMOS battery

Causes of Motherboard Failures:

Fluctuation in the household voltage
Accidental Liquid Damage
Overheating due to dust and smoke
Accidental Physical Damage
Aging and wear

Troubleshooting HP Laptop Motherboard Issues

A normal person cannot handle the repair of the motherboard. One should take their laptop to an authorized HP service center. Authorized service centres allow expert technicians and engineers to handle your laptop to prevent further damage.

Screen Check-up

Check your screen for power. When the power is on make sure that the video cable is connected to your display and the connection is not loose. If the problem does not resolve on itself remove and re-insert the cable. Restart your computer and make sure that it works.

Graphic Hardware Check-up

Check for a fault in the graphics card by taking it out and plugging it back in. Insert the video cable of your screen to the slot and then restart your HP laptop. If there are no issues after booting up, it means that your graphics card is faulty, replace it and you are good to go.

Internal Hardware Check-up

Your motherboard only requires the processor, RAM, fan and, SPMs to start functioning. Remove all the other internal hardware connected to the motherboard and start rebooting. If there are no issues after that, it means that you have internal hardware that is faulty. You can replace the faulty hardware to solve the issues in your laptop.

Battery Check-up

Some errors happen when the Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) battery drains. Remove that battery and reboot the system if there are no errors, replace the battery with a new one. This should solve the problems with your HP laptop.

RAM Check-up

A common issue that is by mistake assumed as motherboard failure is the RAM issue. The motherboard also won’t work if your RAM is dead. If your HP laptop has more than one RAM you need to check for the issue by removing and checking each one.

If the error is because of the RAM chip you need to get your RAM chip replaced. RAM is an essential component for the functioning of the motherboard. You should get the RAM to get it replaced or repaired.

Motherboard repairs are sometimes costly and can lead to the loss of data. You should know the causes so that you can prevent further damage to your HP laptop.


Please note that the guideline instructions provided may not always apply to the symptoms your computer is experiencing. Sometimes, symptoms or behavior can be the same, but the underlying reason or fault can be completely different.

The fastest way we can assist customers is by bringing computers to our workshop, where technicians have the tools to diagnose faults accurately. After checks, if parts are found to be faulty or damaged, we proceed to replace them with high-quality original parts.

No appointments are required; you can drop off your computer at our workshop during working hours.

If you have more queries about our laptop repair and upgrade services, please feel free to contact us at 020 7018 7490 or email us at contact@pcfixlondon.com

Motherboard FAQs

Why are motherboards expensive?
Not all motherboards are expensive but some are due to their expensive components.

Are motherboards easy to destroy?
Motherboards are sometimes destroyed by regular wear and tear or with time. But you can’t destroy a motherboard with ease. Each motherboard is built to withstand higher temperatures. To avoid these issues make sure that you handle the hardware components with care.

Can you repair a motherboard?
Motherboard repairs are difficult to do as you cannot find the exact issue. Once damaged it is better to buy a new laptop or a new motherboard. Motherboard repairs are only done by professionals.

Can a Graphics card lead to motherboard damage?
Usually, a faulty graphics card cannot damage a laptop’s motherboard. The graphics card when installed without proper care can lead to motherboard damage.

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