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How to Troubleshoot a Non-Working Lenovo Laptop Camera

Lenovo is a China-based technology company. They are the biggest selling laptop manufacturer in the whole world. Lenovo released models like Thinkpad and Ideapad. These laptop models have gained more popularity over the years.

Lenovo dominates the work and professionals market by providing value for money laptops. But with the release of the Legion models, the company also entered the gaming sector. Lenovo laptops offer models with different specifications and designs. This makes them qualified to fit any budget slabs. You can pick a Lenovo laptop that can match your lifestyle.

There are some issues in a Lenovo laptop in which the webcam doesn’t work. The device driver in the Lenovo laptop may not be functioning properly, or there may be an issue with in-camera detection. This problem can also be found in other laptops.

In many Lenovo laptops, the settings are the cause of this issue. They turn the camera off to ensure the user’s privacy. Turning the settings off can solve your issue with ease. But sometimes some updates need installing for the camera to work. The following list shows the causes and the solutions that you need to do to solve your camera issues.

How to Fix Lenovo Laptop Camera Issues

Method 1: Choose Camera Privacy Settings

In the windows operating system, settings allow you to choose your privacy settings. This gives the user control over the camera access. You can enable or disable the use of the camera for the different apps installed on your Laptop.
• Click the Windows icon and type “Camera Privacy settings”. Choose the icon that appears on the screen.
• Click on the toggle switch to allow access to all the apps on the Laptop.
• The next menu shows the list of apps installed on the Laptop. Turn on the toggle switch for the apps that you need camera access to.
• Close the window and check if your Lenovo laptop camera is working

Method 2: Update the Camera Driver

There may be an issue if windows have installed the wrong camera driver or the driver needs an update. Check and see if updating the camera driver can solve your camera problems. Follow these steps to update your camera driver:
• Click on the Windows key.
• Search for Device Manager in the Windows search.
• Select imaging device or Camera in the list and double click.
• Find Lenovo Easy Camera from the drop-down list.
• Right-click to reveal the Update driver option and select it.
• Click on search and Windows will automatically scan the internet for pending updates of the driver.

Then click the Update button to install the new update and once installation over click the restart button. After restart check, if the camera is working. Sometimes windows cannot detect the updates for the new drivers. In that case, you can uninstall the camera driver and Install a new one by following the steps given in Fix 3.

Method 3: Reinstall the Camera Driver

The camera driver of your laptop may have corrupted due to the install of a new Windows OS. The conflict with the OS can cause camera issues. Follow these steps to uninstall and reinstall the driver to solve the issues:
• Open the Run command from the Start menu and type “devmgmt.msc” and select Enter.
• Click on Imaging devices or Camera to open your Camera device.
• Right-click and Uninstall the camera device.
• Confirm the Uninstall.
• Restart your computer.
• Select Run command from the Start menu and type “devmgmt.msc” and click enter.
• Now click Action and then search for new hardware devices.
• Windows will detect the camera reinstall the device driver.
• Restart the system and check if the camera is working.

Method 4: Select the Correct Program Settings

Perform this fix when your camera works for some applications but not for others. There needs to be some change in the Program Settings.
• Check for program settings in the windows setting app.
• Select Lenovo Easy Camera as the default camera in the settings.
The change in the Program settings on your laptop can lead you to a working camera.

Method 5: Remove Lenovo Setting Application

This solution acts as the last resort, you can perform this if non of the settings work. The Lenovo settings app can sometimes interfere with the working of the camera of your laptop.
These settings can are governable by windows settings so the app is not required.
Remove the app by following these steps.
• Open Control Panel from the Start Menu.
• Choose the Program & Features Menu.
• Uninstall the “Lenovo Settings Dependency Package” from the list.
• Restart the laptop and check if the camera is working as expected.

Lenovo Laptop Camera FAQs

Can you deny access to certain software and allow it to others?

If you want the software to not have access to your camera you can follow these steps. They will lead you to the privacy settings of your laptop camera. Search for Camera Privacy settings in the windows search. Then scroll down to the option “Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your Camera”. You can toggle on or off and select from the list of given apps. These can protect your camera privacy from all the third-party apps downloaded from the windows store. You can also choose to allow access if your camera doesn’t work.

What can I do to fix my blurry camera?

If you have a blurry but working camera you first need to clean your camera lens. Scratches, dust can degrade your camera quality. Any missing updated drivers can also cause blurry camera issues. Performing a Windows or Driver update should solve the problem of a blurry camera. Your antivirus can also prevent your camera from working. Check to see if this is the case using task manager. Scan for changes in the camera and turn them back. Restart your windows to solve the blurry camera issues.

If the given solution doesn’t work we recommend you to call an authorized Lenovo laptop repair service center, they can provide you with solutions specific to your Lenovo laptop model.

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