How to Replace Motherboard on ACER Laptop

Almost all people confront motherboard failure problems while using desktops and laptops nowadays. You may find that your laptop is not powering up because of motherboard failure. When a laptop’s motherboard fails, you have to replace it with a new one. Without asking help from an expert, you can replace the motherboard from home. However, you need to follow some simple steps to do that perfectly. This article will teach you how to replace a motherboard on an Acer laptop that has failed.

Here are the steps you should follow while replacing the motherboard on your Acer laptops.

Step 1: Remove Battery

First, you need to disconnect your laptop’s power source to remove the battery from the laptop. Now make your laptop upside-down and remove the battery by lifting it out of the laptop. This will ensure your safety while starting the motherboard replacement process of your laptop. If you found that your laptop has a mounted battery, you can skip the step.

Step 2: Open Back Cover

Now, keeping the laptop upside down, you need to find the screw points of your laptop. You have to use a screwdriver to remove them all from your laptop. This will help to open the back cover of your laptop. You must need access to all the screw points of the laptop’s cover.
Be careful while you are unscrewing the service plate’s cover of the laptop. After the panel has been loosened by the plastic opening tool, you have to take a finger, place it in the gap, and then remove the panel from the laptop. You must need to keep all the laptop’s screws in a safe location because you will need all these screws at the time of restoring your device.

Step 3: Remove Keyboard Panel

After that, you need to take the laptop in an available position and locate the tabs keeping the keyboard in place. Then, you can use thin tweezers to push the tabs in the keyboard and pull them up on the edge of it. Of course, when you push it, the keyboard will bend, and it may seem like it’s breaking, but there is no need to worry.

Then use your hands when the keyboard begins popping out of place. To keep the part that has been detached from the laptop in the air. After that, you need to continue pushing in tabs and lifting the keyboard as described above. Now you have successfully separated the keyboard from your Acer laptop.

Step 4: Separate Parts

After you have removed all of the prerequisites, it’s time to unscrew a few more screws. Next, you have to release all the components’ connections attached to the motherboard, such as the power button and the trackpad. You must need to remove these connections the same way you undid the keyboard using the tweezers. Be very much careful while you are using your hands to separate the connections. It would be best if you needed to use a plastic opening tool or your hands to carefully lift the corner of the top panel of the laptop.

Step 5: Pull Out Cooling Fan

Once you have located the laptop’s cooling fan, use a screwdriver to separate it from the motherboard. One of the screws may be directly beneath a set of wires, so be careful not to cut those wires as you remove the screws. Instead, it would help if you used tweezers to disconnect the wires connecting the fan to the laptop and pull out the fan from the board.

Step 6: Replace the Motherboard

Locate the two strips and the wire bundle that is connected to the motherboard from other components. You have to be careful while removing the connections, as done previously for the keyboard. Next, lift the motherboard, and locate the last wire bundle that needs to be removed. The motherboard should now be completely free of connections, and you can remove the motherboard. Now you can replace the motherboard with a new one.

Step 7: Reassemble All Parts

Finally, you have to restore all the connections to the laptop. For that, you need to place the connections right on the motherboard. Next, you have to drop the motherboard with the processor and cooling assembly into the appropriate notch. Finally, reverse the process you have followed to separate all the connections and chips. If you’ve reassembled the laptop in the correct order, you should be able to power up and see the BIOS screen. Now you need to install your preferred operating system to use your laptop.


These are the elementary steps you should follow while replacing the motherboard of your laptop. I hope this will help you to deal with your motherboard failure issue. Be attentive and careful while you are opening the laptop to look inside.

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