How to repair Asus X407 no display

Asus X$07 certainly is an exciting budget contender. In addition to its elegant design, thin and light frame, and HDD+SSD combo, X407 is extremely portable and weighs just 1,5 lbs. It is pretty common to face no display problems while using an Asus laptop for longer. You can open your ASUS laptop computer yourself if you have been experiencing screen problems and do not have the time or money to take it to a repair shop. 

There is a possibility that two connections can cause no display problem for your Asus laptop. Firstly, there is the inverter, the small rectangular chip that transfers power to the screen, and secondly, there is the actual screen cable. Let’s look at the practical way to repair the Asus x407 with no display. 

How to repair Asus X407 no display

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is to turn off your ASUS laptop and unplug the power cable. Now, you have to close the display and turn the unit over.

Step 2

The next step is to unscrew the back of the X407 laptop. Now carefully move the top cover. Make sure you first remove the motherboard and touch flex first from the motherboard. 

Step 3

It exposes all the screws on the plastic bezel (frame) surrounding the screen. Using the screwdriver, you can remove the bezel surrounding the screen.

Step 4

To separate the bezel from the screen, gently pry the corners and sides of the screen.

Step 5

Move the screen away from the back display panel by tilting it slightly forward. Notice the thick black screen cable on the back of the screen.

Step 6

If the screen cable is covered with tape, remove it and ensure it is securely attached to the port. Ensure it is securely plugged in by unplugging it and plugging it back in. Your attention should be directed to the rectangular inverter board mounted on the back of the screen if this does not solve the problem. The inverter should have two cables connected at either end.

Step 7

The cables should be plugged securely into the ports at either end of the inverter. Unplug and replug them if they are not secured. If there is a problem with your screen connection, this should fix it.

Tips: You may experience a black screen after installing a new program or updating your computer’s operating system. These changes may not be compatible with the operating system and cause this issue. If you wish to revert your laptop to a previous state before these changes have been made, you should perform a system restore.


I hope the article will help you to know how to fix your Asus X407 laptop. If you have no previous experience with dissembling a laptop, then you should go for Asus care to fix the problem. 

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