How To Repair A Loose Charging Port On Your MSI Laptop

Did you know that a loose charging port of your MSI laptop can cause your battery not to charge? This is a common problem with laptops, which you might have faced before. If it’s still under warranty, you can take it to a technician to repair it. But if not, then there are ways you can do it yourself. Here, we will guide you on how to fix the loose charging port of your laptop at home. This guide will also save you money in the long run by doing the repairs yourself instead of buying a new device.

Before doing that, we’ll investigate the cause of the loose laptop charging port. Why is the charging port on my MSI laptop becomes loose?

What causes my MSI charging port to get loose?

The loose laptop charging port can be attributed to a few basic causes. The charging plug being constantly removed and reinserted is the first explanation. Your charging cable gets weak if you keep plugging it in and taking it out.

You must have observed that tiny pins surround the charging connector on your laptop. Your charging port gets loose when the pins are pulled down on it. The laptop then becomes challenging to charge as a result. Your laptop will then repeatedly connect in and out. Because of this, many are concerned about heating a motherboard element.

Your laptop is not adequately charged as a result. And this issue makes you very angry. But the problem is not that there isn’t a fix for this issue. This piece will explain how to restore a loose laptop charger port. The loose laptop power cable can be fixed without additional tools.

Only one needle is needed to solve the laptop charging port. Let’s take a step-by-step approach to fixing it.

How to repair a damaged charging port?

Several things, including a bent pin in the charging port or a physical breakage of the plastic around the port, can cause a loose charging port. This guide will show you how to repair a loose charging port on a laptop.

Step 1: Check the USB ports on the computer to ensure they are tight enough. If they are, then this is probably not your problem, and you should try fixing them instead of your charging port.

Step 2: Open up your laptop and remove all screws from its case. The screws should be visible once you have removed them all.

Step 3: Gently place your fingers underneath the back cover and pry it off its hinges. You may need to use something like a screwdriver for leverage if needed.

Step 4: Find the battery connector cable and disconnect it from the motherboard by pulling it out gently with both hands or using pliers if needed.

Step 5: Remove all screws that hold down any other components inside your laptop’s case, such as hard drives or optical drives, until you can see only one screw left holding everything else in place on this side of the motherboard.

Step 6: Return all of the items to their original locations.

How to handle a broken MSI charging port?

This guide is just for you if the charging cable on your device is broken. Because this is what this study’s information will focus on. You can repair your cracked charging port at home if you carefully understand each instruction.

Only a screwdriver is required to repair the laptop charging port at home. If you don’t already have one, you can purchase one at the nearby electronics store.

● First, take out your batteries.

● After loosening the screw holding the hard disk’s top cover in place, remove the cover.

● Next, remove the hard disk’s screw and the hard disk itself.

● take off the RAM chip that is next to the hard drive.

● At this point, remove all the last screws. Keep in mind that the board is not fastened to anything with screws. Next, take out the laptop.

● Next, take off the back cover.

● Replace the damaged charging port with the new one after removing the old one.

Final Words

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