Dell laptop black screen

How to Fix Black Screen on Dell Laptop

Dell is a technology company based in the USA. It excels in selling premium laptops at affordable prices. They are one of the most popular laptop manufacturers in the world. They offer many laptop models like Alienware, XPS, Inspiron, and Latitude. The laptops offer different configurations and features for many demographics. Everyone, including businessmen, students, and even professional gamers, can get a Dell Laptop.

Causes of Black Screen on Dell Laptop

Display Problems

Suppose your Dell laptop screen turns on first and then shuts down after some time. You need to check for issues in your connecting cable, video driver, and video card.

Device Overheating

Your laptop screen may turn black when your device reaches higher temperatures. Ensure proper ventilation in your room before turning it on again.

System Virus

If your laptop screen is black and your laptop is still running. This is a computer virus or malware present in your Dell laptop.

Hardware Failure

If there is some faulty hardware in your laptop, then your laptop screen may not turn on.

Windows 10 Installation Issues

When you are installing any windows OS, make sure that it is completely installed. If the operating system is not wholly installed, the display may still not turn on.

Power supply problem

If the power supply of your laptop is faulty, your laptop screen may still not turn on.

Fixing Dell Laptop Black Screen Problems

Graphics Driver Restart on Laptop

If you turn on your Dell Laptop and your screen is black. The reason may be that there is a poor connection between your device and the operating system. Restarting your driver may fix your problems.

1. Use the keyboard and press the “Windows”+“Ctrl”+ “Shift” keys with the letter “B.”

2. Wait for the graphics driver to restart. This fixes the black screen issue.

Graphics Driver Update

If you turn on your laptop and the screen is black, you may have an old version of the display driver installed. Install the latest updates of your display driver. Doing so will fix your black screen problems.

Display panel replacement

A faulty display panel may be the issue that is causing a black screen problem in your Dell laptop. Before replacing your display panel, check if your panel is faulty by using a spare external one. If the new screen displays your laptop screen, then you can change your display panel for an easy fix.

Laptop Force Shut Down

Force shut down your laptop to fix the black screen issue. When your laptop screen is black, remove the AC supply and force shut down your system, and follow the steps.

1. Remove any connected external devices.

2. Shut down your device for some time.

3. Remove the power cord from your laptop.

4. Hold your power key for a minute and let the battery drain.

5. Connect the charger again.

6. The black screen issue will fix after these steps.

Restart Laptop in Safe mode

If you experience a black screen right when you start your laptop, then you need to click the “Shift”+”8” keys together. This launches the recovery menu. Choose the safe mode. Your laptop then boots up in Safe Mode. You can troubleshoot the display settings and then restart. This fixes the black screen issue in your Dell laptop.

Connect External Display for Laptop

If you know your display panel is at fault, you can connect an external screen to your laptop. Till that issue persists, you can work on your laptop using the external screen.

Restart Explorer.exe process

This process manages many functions on a laptop. If you see a black screen and a cursor, you need to end the Explorer.exe process. Launch the task manager and then restart your laptop; this will fix the black screen problem.

BIOS Reset

An unwanted change in the settings of the BIOS of your Dell Laptop can be the reason for the black screen. Change the BIOS settings to default by clicking on the “F12” key when you start up your laptop. Set the BIOS to the default settings, and this fixes the black screen issue in your laptop.

BIOS Update

Visit the Dell laptop support website and download the latest update for your BIOS. Follow the instructions given on the support website and install the update. We fixed the black screen issue on your Dell laptop.

Reinstall Windows

If your laptop is on and you face a black screen issue, this might be due to a problem with the operating system. You need to clean up and reinstall the operating system. Reboot your laptop and reinstall the operating system by connecting the recovery media. We do this by using the internal drive, flash drive, or DVD.

FAQs for Dell Laptop Screens

What does the black screen on your laptop mean?

When your laptop screen turns black, it means that there are some issues with your laptop. The issues may be major or minor. Sometimes if your laptop screen turns black without warning, you may lose your data. This can lead to hindrance in your work. A professional tool can retrieve your lost data when the screen issue gets resolved.

When does your laptop screen turn Black?

If you update to a new version of Windows.

When you update Dell BIOS.

If you log in to Windows.

Why does the Laptop screen turn black?

There can be various reasons, because of which a laptop screen can turn black. For example, there may be a problem with the connection of the graphics driver and operating system. This issue is one of the most common problems. Other issues like overheating, viruses, and hardware issues lead to a black screen.

How do we fix your Laptop Screen?

You can fix your laptop following these steps:

  • Force Shut Down your Laptop
  • Restart the laptop Graphics drivers
  • Display panel replacement
  • Startup your laptop using Safe Mode
  • BIOS Update
  • Restart Explorer.exe process
  • Re-install Windows.

If the given solution doesn’t work we recommend you to call an authorized Dell laptop repair service center, they can provide you with solutions specific to your Dell laptop model.

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