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How to Perform Factory Reset on an Asus Laptop

ASUS is a Taiwan-based technology company. They excel in manufacturing computers, phones, and electronics. ASUS laptops, known for their leading designs and innovation but also effective prices. Asus provides laptop models such as the Vivobook, Zenbook, TUF, and ROG. They offer a wide range of hardware and software configurations on their laptops. This combination makes them suitable for gamers, students, and business people.

When is it necessary to reset your ASUS laptop?

Factory reset in an ASUS laptop is the last resort. We do this only when the problem remains unknown or unsolvable without a reset. The factory reset settings solve many issues related to the software and hardware. They return the laptop to the factory settings, all the data, settings, and information. The factory reset settings can sometimes even solve the drivers and software conflicts.

This step is also performed when you hand over your laptop to someone else to protect your privacy. The new user will not be able to access your files as they are now deleted. This option enhances the privacy and security of your data.

You feel that you have downloaded too much software, remove them and freshen up your laptop. Too many downloaded files can make your system laggy.

How do we prepare for a factory reset?

Always backup vital settings and files before you perform a factory reset. Back up important data using any external storage device or cloud. The backup settings provided by windows are pointless as they create an image of your laptop. Once you restore the data, all the files get stored back, which defeats the purpose.

Factory reset on any device takes time. Plan your reset when you don’t use your ASUS laptop for some time. When the files are downloading, you can still cancel the factory reset process but not after that.

Steps to Factory reset an ASUS Laptop

The factory reset settings on an ASUS laptop remove the old operating system. After the reset, the system installs a new operating system. Troubleshooting a persistent problem will lead you to a factory reset. Factory reset becomes all the more essential when you plan to gift or sell your used laptop.

  • Search for Reset this PC option in the windows search bar
  • Upon selection, the recovery menu opens. Click on the Get started button in the Reset this PC recovery menu.
  • Upon the final selection, you can get offered three different options. Each leads in the same direction to Factory reset your PC.

Keep My Files: The keep my files option will remove all the settings software and third-party data. All the personal data files stored on your PC will remain untouched. This option is helpful if you intend to keep the laptop.

Remove Everything: The remove everything option does not leave anything back. You get the laptop as you received from the Factory. All the data files, settings, software clear, and a new operating system will install. This step is helpful if you intend to gift or sell your used ASUS laptop.

Restore Factory Settings: This setting is only offered with windows 10 laptops. These computers used to run on a previous version of windows. After you click on these settings, it deletes the old data files, software, and settings. The laptop is then taken back to a previous version of the Windows operating system. Perform this operation only if you prefer to use the previous version rather than a new one. You may have to reinstall the updates to get to the latest version.

After some time, two options appear on the screen choose the one suitable for you:

Cloud Download: This type of reset requires the use of internet access. Prefer this option only if you have an active internet connection during the reset. The system downloads the latest version of the windows OS and installs it. It comes bundled with the latest drivers and settings, which are also installed.

Local Reinstall: Click on this option only if you don’t have access to the internet. After Factory Reset settings, your laptop returns to the same version of Windows. Installing updates to the latest version of the OS also requires the internet.

The change settings option shows, you can change some if you want or press Next. The setting is select before, so it doesn’t need any update.

The final confirmation button with reset appears. You can select this to begin the factory reset process.

This process roughly takes around 15 minutes. You can leave your laptop unattended now. The reset speed also depends upon your internet speed and ASUS laptop configurations.


Please note that the guideline instructions provided may not always apply to the symptoms your computer is experiencing. Sometimes, symptoms or behavior can be the same, but the underlying reason or fault can be completely different.

The fastest way we can assist customers is by bringing computers to our workshop, where technicians have the tools to diagnose faults accurately. After checks, if parts are found to be faulty or damaged, we proceed to replace them with high-quality original parts.

No appointments are required; you can drop off your computer at our workshop during working hours.

If you have more queries about our laptop repair and upgrade services, please feel free to contact us at 020 7018 7490 or email us at

FAQs on ASUS Laptop Factory Settings

How does anyone factory reset an ASUS Laptop?

In windows 10, resetting an ASUS laptop is a simple task. You can search for Reset this PC option. Then select “Update & Security” under “Settings”. Finally, select “Recovery.” Then click on Get Started in Reset options. Follow the instructions given by your laptop to change your PC back to the factory settings.

What happens when I Factory reset my ASUS laptop?

Select the “Remove Everything” option from the menu while resetting. Any data stored on the hard drive of your laptop gets erased, including personal or system data. It is always recommended to backup your necessary data when you reset your system. Once the factory reset process begins, you cannot cancel or stop it.

Can you Factory reset a laptop from BIOS?

Asus laptops come with a recovery partition, which you can access through the BIOS. You can use that to Factory Reset your ASUS laptop. If you can’t access the BIOS setting, remove the CMOS battery from the motherboard for some time. Resetting the BIOS can then begin the factory reset process.

How can I restore my ASUS laptop to Windows 10 without recovery media?

Follow these steps to reach the factory reset option on your computer system

  • Type Control Panel in the Start menu
  • Select System & Security then select Backup and Restore
  • Select Recover System on your ASUS laptop
  • Choose Advanced recovery methods
  • Now select return computer to factory settings
  • Select Skip and start the factory reset process
  • The laptop will restart to the original factory settings

If the given solution doesn’t work we recommend you to call our Asus laptop repair service center, they can provide you with solutions specific to your Asus laptop model.

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