How to Fix Performance Issues for a Slow-Running Mac

If you use your Mac for a long time, it may run slowly. Mac users often run into this problem when they use their laptops for years. There are some simple issues on Macs that cause them to run slowly.

You can follow some simple tips and tricks which can solve the problem. In this write-up, we will share how to fix performance issues for a slow-running Mac.

Expert Guide to Fix Performance Issues for a Slow-Running Mac

Here are the solutions you should follow to solve a slow-running mac.

Step 1: Close Unnecessary Apps

The best way to start solving a slow-running mac is by shutting down background programs.

A mac that hasn’t been shut down in a while may allocate memory and CPU space to unused software instead of the apps you need. Glancing at the Dock at the bottom of the screen is a simple method to see active apps.

Step 2: Edit Preference Panes

Open System Preferences of your laptop and check the box on the bottom row. This is where you can add custom items to your System Preferences. You need to close the unnecessary items that you’re not using. The reason is that they hog your CPU’s resources without any need.

Take out an item from the preference pane by right-clicking on it and select remove.

Step 3: Empty Mac Disk

Nothing slows down a Mac more than having too much on your hard drive. If you can increase available disc space on your Mac, you’re sure to see an increase in your Mac’s speed. The problem is cleaning out your system and determining what can be safely removed to make extra room. The process of doing this manually is more complicated than it seems. The easiest part is cleaning out old movie files, arranging your desktop, and searching your Mac for old files you don’t want. Using Mac cleaner software is the best solution for you to delete unnecessary files.

Step 4: Update Mac OS

Mac’s OS X is essential to how well your laptop operates. Older OS X versions often drive slower, which is why Apple releases new OS X versions every year or so. Your Mac will run more smoothly after you have installed the most recent OS X version. Update only your Mac’s operating system can solve your problem of slow running.

Step 5: Use Activity Monitor

You may launch Activity Monitor by doing a spotlight search for it. What you want to do is click on CPU and then sort by most significant percentage CPU. You can take a rest and notice which apps are using most of your Mac’s processing power. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why your Mac is running slowly. If you are not using the app, close it to boost your laptop performance.

Step 6: Clean Browser Cache and History

Even simple tasks can take a long time while using your laptop. You may wonder, “Why have I wasted my money on this stupid device?” Sometimes you can solve the problem behind a slow-running laptop very quickly. You have to clear browser cache and history that can speed up your laptop.

Step 7: Run Maintenance Scripts

Maintenance Scripts are useful under-the-hood optimizations that your Mac OS uses to keep itself clean. This technique rotates specific libraries and system logs to your laptop.
Furthermore, update old file paths for hundreds of minor operations to shake up and freshen the system.

When your Mac becomes slow and tired, you can force the Maintenance Scripts to run.

Step 8: Empty The Trash & Downloads

Emptying the trash is a simple way to free up space on your Mac. You have to right-click on trash in the Dock and then choose “Empty Trash.”

You should also remove any items from the downloads folder that you are unlikely to need. If your Mac OS is up to date, you can make the trash automatically erase objects regularly.

Step 9: Turn off Visual Effects

With most Macs, Mac OS will run without any problem. However, you can turn off some features that might be slowing your Mac down. This will help a little to function your Mac OS faster.


These are the ways you should follow to speed up your Mac. Hope the tips and tricks will help you to boost the performance of your machine. If you don’t find a solution after applying these techniques, you can go for an expert at Mac repair shop.

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