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How to Fix Packard Bell Laptop Horizontal Lines on Screen? 

The screen on a Packard Bell laptop may have horizontal lines for various reasons. This article will examine the potential reasons why your Packard Bell laptop’s monitor has horizontal lines, after which it will provide you with instructions on how to fix them. Horizontal lines on a laptop display could result from a hardware issue, a problem with your graphics card, a problem with the resolution of your laptop screen, or a problem with a ribbon connection.

If lines change colour when pressure is applied to the board, your Packard Bell laptop’s screen is probably the problem. Here are several causes and solutions for black horizontal lines on laptop screens. Let’s get going.

What causes vertical lines on the Packard Bell laptop screen?

The Packard Bell laptop is most likely to blame for the problem if it still shows lines without being connected to cables or other input devices. Poor internal ribbon connections or the LCD screen might cause picture issues, such as lines, in some circumstances. If you observe light escaping around the edges of your laptop screen, you can have a backlight bleed.

The lines go away when nothing is sent to your external monitor. In that situation, there might be an issue with your laptop’s Packard Bell graphics drivers, driver configuration, picture settings, or a problem with the connection between your laptop and the external monitor.

Make sure to regularly update your drivers because this issue frequently results in green lines on Windows laptops, as many users observe. Horizontal lines on laptop screens are widespread; Packard Bell, Lenovo, and Acer products have all been affected. Windows display issues with distortion are nothing new; perhaps this advice will help you permanently repair them.

How to find out if the problem is software-related or hardware-related?

Determine whether the problem is hardware- or software-related before you take any actions to correct the vertical lines on your laptop’s screen. Fortunately, this is simple for laptop users who notice vertical lines on their screens. All you have to do is restart your laptop and hit the designated key to enter the BIOS settings on the first screen you see. This key varies repectively on the manufacturer of your laptop and can be located not only in the user manual but also on the opening screen of your computer.

If the issue is software-related, you won’t see any kind of vertical or horizontal lines on your laptop’s screen while you are in the BIOS because the BIOS isn’t officially a component of the operating system. The issue is hardware-related, though, if you notice vertical lines on your laptop’s display while in the BIOS.

How to fix Packard Bell Laptop Horizontal Lines on the screen?

Fixing Screen with Horizontal Lines (Software Issue)

If the problem is software-related, the fixes listed below may help you resolve the laptop screen issue:

  1. Start up your computer
  2. Latest graphics drivers
  3. Carry out a BIOS reset
  4. Adjust screen resolution
  5. Update Windows
  6. Run the DISM scan

Step 1: Start up your computer

Try rebooting your computer to see if that eliminates the screen lines.

Step 2: Update Graphic Drivers

Try updating your laptop’s graphics drivers. It can be the case that your computer’s graphics drivers have aged and are now incompatible with how your screen is shown.

Step 3: Carry out a BIOS reset.

The BIOS should be reset. It reset your computer’s BIOS settings to their default positions and restored normal operation to all components. These vertical lines will disappear immediately if a change in any parameter is to blame.

Step 4: Adjust Screen Resolution

In some circumstances, changing your laptop’s screen resolution may help.

  • Right-click on the desktop and select Display settings from the menu:
  • Adjust the Display resolution of your laptop:

Step 5: Update Windows

With time, your current version of Windows may start to feel a little dated. To locate the Windows update, do a few quick actions.

  • To access the laptop’s settings, press Windows+I. Then, select Update & Security.
  • In the update area, look for any Windows updates; if any are found, continue.

Step 6: Run DISM Scan

The program used to fix problems with your laptop potentially is called DISM Scan. To run DISM Scan on your Windows laptop, follow these steps.

  • Search for the Command Prompt in your taskbar and run it as Administrator:
  • Type the below command to perform the DISMscan:
  • DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth

 Your DISM scan will be finished, and following the scan, a list of any issues found will appear on the command prompt:

Fixing Screen with Horizontal Lines (Hardware Issue)

Laptop screen repair if the problem is hardware-related.

  1. Clean your laptop screen
  2. Replace the display

Step 1: Cleaning Your Laptop Screen

Consider trying to clean the laptop’s screen. Spray some screen cleaner on the screen, then wipe it down with soft cotton.

Step 2: Replace the Display

If the issue is a faulty LCD or display, you have few options other than replacing the entire panel.


Lines on the Packard Bell laptop screen can make it difficult to perform various tasks. The lines on your laptop screen can be fixed in various ways. However, the solutions listed above are the most frequent, so before attempting any other solutions, think about trying these first in the hopes that they may cure your problem and spare you from more inconvenience.

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