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How to Fix HP Omen Gaming Laptop Horizontal Lines on Screen? 

You may have noticed horizontal lines on the screen of your HP Omen Gaming Laptop that ran from the top to the bottom of the screen and were either blue, white, or multicoloured. It could make you very anxious, especially if you think your laptop might crash.


You must first identify the cause to resolve this issue and the horizontal lines on your laptop screen. There are many causes for the horizontal or vertical lines that appear on laptop screens. You might need to identify the root cause of the problem to fix the error that appears on your laptop or desktop screen. We devised a list of potential fixes that ought to be helpful. Please take a look at them below. Let’s start with what is causing these horizontal lines on the screen of the HP Omen gaming laptop.

Causes of Horizontal Lines on your HP Omen Gaming Laptop Screen


Identifying the root of the issues is helpful before formulating an action plan. Vertical or horizontal lines frequently have similar sources. We have provided you with a list of them as a result:

  1. Your drivers have been installed improperly or are out of date.
  2. The remaining power is short-circuiting the laptop.
  3. The cables are either damaged or improperly attached.
  4. Your Laptop’s refresh rate is not synchronized.
  5. Your video card is having problems.
  6. The resolution shown on your display is incorrect.


Step 1: Your drives need to be updated.


Your screen has horizontal lines because its drivers are old. Updates to these drivers are a quick and effective fix. Click “Monitors” in “Device Manager” by using “Settings” or the search bar. Double-click the problematic monitor after selecting it, then select the “Driver” tab. You select one of the two options by clicking “Update Driver.” Select option 1 if you want to look up drivers online and option 2 If you have the USB flash drive or hard drive with solutions. You can restart your computer at this point to apply the update.


Step 2: The remaining power is short-circuiting the laptop.


The laptop may still be feeding the screen with electricity. This small boost in power has a detrimental impact on the screen and results in horizontal lines. Disconnect all cables and accessories, then turn off your computer. For around 15 to 20 seconds, press and hold the on/off button to turn off the power completely. Then reconnect everything as before and see if the stripes remain there.


Step 3: The cables are either damaged or improperly attached.


A loose or damaged wire is one of the most frequent causes of flickering displays or horizontal lines. You must examine the cables one at a time to repair this. Even after firmly pushing the cords into place, the problem persists. That most likely indicates that your video cable is broken. Choose a different port or try a different video cable of the same kind.


Step 4: Your laptop’s refresh rate is not synchronized.


Horizontal lines may appear if your video card’s refresh rate is out of sync. The most crucial factor in preventing this is syncing both rates. Because of this, you should modify your display’s refresh rate using the screen settings or the Windows settings menu. You may find a detailed outline for both methods in the guidance piece below.


Step 5: Your video card needs help.


Your video card can be the source of the problem in addition to the screen or the drivers. There are a few distinct reasons for this and potential fixes. One: The motherboard and video card need to be properly connected. Make sure to press it firmly into place. 2: Your video card’s drivers need to be updated. They should be updated similarly to your monitor. 3. Your motherboard’s PCIe slot is malfunctioning. Transfer the video card to an alternative open slot. 4. connect the cables directly to the video card instead of using the motherboard.


Step 6: The resolution shown on your display needs to be corrected.


Horizontal lines may occur if your resolution is too high or too low. Because of this, you should adjust the resolution to the option suggested in the menu, denoted by brackets. Select the appropriate resolution by going to “Display Settings.”


Step 7: Your monitor is a defect.


Unfortunately, horizontal lines may indicate a problem with your screen. These issues, for instance, may manifest if the laptop is dropped or comes into contact with a magnet. When your computer is off, and the horizontal stripes are still visible, you can be certain that the problem is with the display. The screen needs to be fixed or replaced in that situation. Utilize the buttons on the screen to access the display settings. Continue to see any horizontal lines? Therefore, the issue is with your screen.

How to Fix HP Omen Gaming Laptop Horizontal Lines on Screen?


Screen horizontal lines on the HP Omen Gaming Laptop might be a major problem. It’s time to act if the lines continue interfering with your laptop’s performance. Listed below are a few fixes to help you restart your HP Omen gaming laptop:


  1. Upgrade Your Laptop BIOS: If a newer version is available, update your laptop’s BIOS. It frequently resolves issues with your laptop’s graphics drivers and other devices.
  2. Try a New Graphics Card: If none of these fixes works, you might need to consider getting a new graphics card. The Horizontal Lines on the Screen issues with your laptop could be partially or completely resolved with a new card.
  3. Remove and reconnect the keyboard: Removing and reattaching the keyboard is one potential solution if you notice horizontal lines on your laptop’s screen. Put your laptop to sleep and unplug it from all power sources first. Then, carefully remove the keyboard after removing the screws and holding it in place. Once the keyboard has been removed, you can use a can of compressed air to clear the area around the keyboard of any dust or debris.
  4. Close and reopen your laptop: The first thing you should attempt if your laptop’s screen shows horizontal lines is closing and reopening the lid. It can sometimes solve the issue. You can restart your laptop if that doesn’t work. If the lines still appear, there might be an issue with the screen. If so, you might need to bring your laptop to a repair facility to get the screen replaced.
  5. Install the most recent operating system updates: If you notice horizontal lines on your laptop’s screen, your operating system is probably outdated. Install Microsoft’s most recent operating system upgrades to solve this issue. By doing this, you can be sure that your system is current and that any problems generating the horizontal lines on your screen have been fixed.
  6. Calibrate your monitor: Calibration is recommended if you notice horizontal lines on your laptop’s screen. By doing this, you can be confident that the colours and lines on your screen are true. You must change the monitor’s brightness, contrast, and colour settings to calibrate it. Following this, you should store the modified settings as a custom display mode. You might need to change the resolution if horizontal lines continue to appear on your screen. You can select a higher one or lower one resolution in the Display Properties.
  7. Run a troubleshooter: There are a few possible causes of horizontal lines appearing on your laptop’s screen. The LCD panel itself could first be the issue. The panel might need to be replaced if the lines are persistent and cannot be removed. The video driver may also be at fault as a second possibility. Finally, the laptop itself could have a hardware issue. See if upgrading the driver resolves the issue.


 After doing those tests, there may find a major problem if you detect horizontal lines on the screen of your HP Omen Gaming Laptop. Then, you require a professional opinion. Hope you won’t require that. We hope our remedy will help you solve your HP laptop screen issue. If everything fails, you might need to bring your laptop to an HP service centre for repairs.

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