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How to Fix Black Screen Issue on HP Laptop

Regardless of how gently you use your laptop, a user generally faces a lot of problems while working on a laptop. Many types of errors may occur in your device, and they might be regarding your laptop’s hardware or software. The brand of your laptop doesn’t even matter that much. Some of the common problems like processing, assembly, configuration, or black screen may occur in any brand.

Determine faulty screen issue:

Most HP laptop users face black screen problems whenever they turn it on or suddenly while working on it. There can be many reasons that can cause a black screen in your laptop. Sometimes it can be hard to find the exact reason for the cause. But the most common cause of arising this issue is any fault in the hardware, GPU’s loose connections or having the bad cables and ports may result in black screen.

If having faulty hardware is not the issue, the problem must be in the laptop’s software, such as any corrupted software. Attaching an external screen can be an experiment to determine the cause of the problem from the display or the GPU. You have to connect an HDTV with your HP laptop with its suitable connectivity cable. The same screen will reflect on your HDTV too. Observe that if the same black screen is appearing on your HDTV or not.

If the black screen doesn’t appear on the HDTV, it clarifies that the problem is with your display. And if the black screen appears on the second screen, it means that your graphic card is at fault. Yet both are considered hardware issues. Without having sufficient knowledge to fix it, if you do so, this may cause multiple problems in your device, including horizontal lines. The solutions given below may help you provide an easy fix for your HP laptop’s black screen.

Tips to fix Black Screen appearing on your HP laptop:

Note: If you cannot log in to your laptop’s Windows, you always need to first boot your laptop in safe mode before applying these solutions.

Solution 1: Reset your laptop

Faulty hardware can be the reason for your laptop’s black screen. To determine and rectify the issue, you should disconnect any third-party hardware device if connected and follow the steps: –

  • Turn off the system
  • Now cut the power and remove any hard drive and battery or any attached external device.
  • Press the power button and hold it for at least 1 minute. After this, release the button.
  • After this process, only put the battery and pug inside the charger and nothing else.
  • At last, boot your laptop and see if it rectified the issue.

If this solution provides you with an effective result, then you got your fix for the problem. Suppose the black screen on your HP laptop is still present. Don’t panic or need to worry, and we have other solutions on the way for you.

Solution 2: Restart the Explorer

If suddenly your explorer has been closed, which might be due to a virus, the laptop display probably goes to a black screen. Explorer.exe would handle most of the process of the desktop, taskbar, and many more if any fault occurred in your laptop regarding this problem. Your taskbar or desktop may become invisible and may turn the screen black. To overcome this problem, follow the steps given below: –

  • Firstly, open the task manager by pressing the Ctrl key along with shift and Esc on your keyboard.
  • If you are using Windows 7, go to the processes tab or click on the Details tab.
  • In the details tab, scroll downwards and find exe.
  • End explorer.exe process by selecting and clicking on the End task key.
  • At last, restart your laptop and check that the black screen issue is resolved or not.

Or, if you are not able to find the explorer.exe in your details tab, you can do it by yourself: –

  • In task manager itself, go on file and select run new task
  • Search for explorer.exe by typing it on the space given and press enter key.
  • The process will start running and make your screen normal.

Solution 3: Update Graphics card drive

Outdated version of your graphic card driver might result in sluggish performance and even the appearance of a black screen on a laptop. To avoid these problems, you have to keep your graphic card driver up to date and try to use the latest available version. You can update your graphic card driver in two ways, either manually or automatically.

If you have great computer commanding skills with a lot of time, you may prefer manual installation. But the risk percentage is more in choosing a manual option. As working manually, you have to recognize your system and a suitable driver for the laptop, and also, we have a risk of downloading or installing the wrong driver. To eliminate these risks, you should prefer for automatic option and follow the following steps: –

  • Download the “driver easy” application and install it. It automatically recognizes your system and finds the best driver for your laptop.
  • Now run the driver easy app and click on the scan button. The driver will scan and detect if any problem present.
  • Click on the update button at the bottom of the screen, which automatically downloads the best version of the driver for you.
  • After the updating process is done, restart your laptop, and now the black screen is resolved.

Solution 4: Disable Fast Start-up

When you disable your fast start-up option in your HP laptop. It might fix the black screen issue. Follow the steps given: –

  • Open the Control panel and click on the power option.
  • Click on Choose what power buttons do the key.
  • After that, click on Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  • Untick the Turn on fast start-up and at last click on Save changes.
  • Now restart your laptop, and the black screen issue is resolved.


Having the malfunctions caused in your HP laptop’s display may let you face many problems. Our HP laptop screen repair services cover all makes and models. If you find a minimal issue in your device, you can fix it by yourself, but if the damage occurred is extensive, it will be good for you to get the assistance of a professional.

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