How To Fix Any Laptop wont Turn On

How To Fix Any Laptop – won’t Turn On, won’t Open, Turns Off Right Away, No Power Solution.

Nothing is more frustrating than getting a laptop that has been shut down for days and won’t turn on again while working on it. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. There may be several reasons your laptop is not turning on, ranging from a faulty power supply to software or hardware problems with your laptop or attached accessories. Some simple troubleshooting steps can be taken to fix most of these issues. Here is the possible solution to fix any laptop that won’t turn on, won’t open, turns off right away or has no power solution. 

How To Fix Any Laptop – won’t Turn On, won’t Open, Turns Off Right Away, No Power Solution.

Remove or replace the dead battery.

The first step is to remove your laptop’s battery and then insert it. Please remove the battery, clean the contacts, replug the laptop and try booting it. You should replace the battery if you’ve been using the laptop for a long time. A connector issue prevented the laptop from booting if it turned on. Regardless, consider replacing your laptop’s battery.

Check power supply

Check the AC adapter (power cord) if your laptop does not turn on. Make sure the adapter is working correctly. Is there any damage to the adapter’s wire? If it has any damage that is disrupting the electric supply, you should replace it. It is also essential to use the correct power supply wattage. You should use the power cord provided by the manufacturer of your laptop. Most laptops or their packaging will have voltage information on the back. 

Change CMOS battery

There is also the possibility of a CMOS battery problem causing the laptop not to boot. The CMOS battery stores BIOS settings on the motherboard, which may malfunction. This is usually caused by keeping the laptop off for long periods or running it without a battery. The laptop will not turn on unless you replace the battery.

Faulty screen

You might have a problem with your laptop’s screen if the power supply doesn’t appear faulty and you’ve replaced any faulty AC adapters. Check the LED on the power indicator of the laptop after turning it on.

It is possible to hear the laptop fan and other noises, but the screen is still blank. You may need to replace the laptop’s screen if it is faulty.

Remove incompatible hardware and clean the vents. 

Compatible hardware and accessories are needed for your laptop. Your laptop might not boot due to incompatible hardware. Ensure all recently attached external accessories like mouse, keyboard, external monitor, or any other hardware is not the cause of the issue. 

Ensure that all cooling vents are clear. When any component of your laptop overheats, your laptop will shut off the power. Hair, dust, or other debris can cause your laptop case to overheat, so clean all vents.

Open your laptop in safe mode.

In Windows, you can boot your laptop into safe mode in several ways, but you must use the function keys instead since the laptop is not turning on. When your laptop is booting up, press the F8 key repeatedly while it is in safe mode to enter safe mode. Windows will automatically boot your laptop into safe mode if you fail to boot it three consecutive times.


We have shown some common ways to fix your laptop if it doesn’t turn on, won’t open, turns off immediately, or has no power solution. These are the most straightforward way to fix your laptop. Besides, you can go to a laptop repair shop to fix any issue

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