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How to Fix Acer Nitro Gaming Laptop Horizontal Lines on Screen?

Flickering horizontal lines on a laptop screen are a surefire sign of a computer problem. It can ruin office productivity and make watching movies on the couch a major hassle. You’ll need an immediate answer as soon as the blinking starts because it simply annoys and frustrates you.


You don’t always need to take your Acer Nitro Gaming laptop to a computer repair shop to fix flickering horizontal lines on the screen. Your blinking screen problem might be resolved by something as simple as continually lowering and raising the screen or updating your graphics card drivers. But why does the screen of an Acer Nitro Gaming laptop flicker, and what are the many fixes that can stop it? This guide will resolve all of your questions. Let’s get going.


Why is there a horizontal line on your Acer Nitro Gaming laptop screen?


A few typical causes for the laptop screen horizontal line on the Acer Nitro Gaming Laptop can be identified. As the years go by, an old PC exhibits indications of normal wear and tear and loosens internal cables, which might result in several unpleasant malfunctions. Incompatible software or faulty hardware may be to blame for screen flickering issues on more recent PCs. Let’s explore the numerous causes of the horizontal line on your laptop screen. 


Reason 1: App Incompatibility


Downloading your preferred apps and applications can help you turn your PC into a personalized digital centre. Your PC could occasionally be unable to manage the requirements and specifications of particular apps, which might result in a horizontal line on the screen. 


These three simple procedures will help you determine whether an incompatible app is to blame for your laptop screen flickering.


  • By hitting CTRL + ALT + DEL and choosing “Task Manager,” you may access your task manager. The task manager is also available by selecting it with the right click in the Windows taskbar.
  • Watch your screen for flickering while the task manager is open. If the task manager is the only thing on the screen that doesn’t flicker, your computer is running an unsuitable program.
  • If the task manager flickers while watching, you’re probably dealing with a different problem.


Reason 2: Outdated laptop display drivers 


Windows software updates are easy to overlook, especially when you know how long they will take. People who frequently snooze their computers instead of shutting them off are more vulnerable to the negative effects of outdated drivers.


Poor display resolutions, unreliable internet access, and a horizontal line on a laptop screen can all be caused by malfunctioning internal hardware. When patches, updates, and bug fixes are ignored, the repercussions for PC components’ aesthetic characteristics and functioning include outdated drivers.


Do you need help determining if your computer needs an update? In five simple steps, you can check the state of your Windows 10 operating system.


  • To access your PC settings, click the Windows taskbar and gear icons.
  • Choosing the “Update & Security” tab
  • If your PC has recently run a scan for available updates, you might see a list of pending installs next to the names of programs, extensions, or drivers that require quick upgrading.
  • You can choose “Check for updates” if your computer has not yet finished an automated scan. It will check your operating system and hardware for any required upgrades.
  • Let your computer handle the rest by clicking “Install updates.”


When updating, ensure your computer is plugged in because losing power during the process could corrupt or harm your operating system.


Reason 3: Looser or damaged wires 


The Acer Nitro Gaming Laptops are the best portable PCs that enable you to carry out all your digital processing while on the go. They are distinguished by their clamshell design. Unfortunately, your computer’s physical health may suffer due to the rigours of your commute or careless opening and closing.


Over time, the wires that attach your laptop screen to the main keyboard chassis may become frayed or damaged, which could cause your laptop screen to flicker. Lower and raise your laptop screen many times to see whether the flicker is caused by movement to determine if faulty cables cause the issue. Faulty internal wiring will likely cause some angles to flicker while others don’t. Your specific laptop screen flickering issues could be caused by a loose or damaged screen cable, an inverter, or a backlight.

How do you remove a horizontal line on an Acer Nitro Gaming laptop?


Understanding the cause of the horizontal line on the Acer Nitro Gaming Laptop laptop screen may help you find a simple do-it-yourself fix. You’ll need a quick fix immediately because a blinking screen might spoil the PC user experience. Use these 5 fixes to put an end to that problematic screen.


Step 1: Update your display driver. 


You must start your system in the Safe Mode option, delete your present display adapter, and then check for driver updates to update the display driver correctly. This three-part, ten-step method will work.


How to launch Safe Mode?


  • To access your PC settings, click the Windows taskbar and gear icons.
  • Go to “Updates & Security” and click.
  • Choose “Recovery” from the taskbar on the left.
  • Select “Restart now” under “Advanced startup.” Your system will restart, and you will be taken to a blue troubleshooting screen where you may control everything from startup fixes to system restores.
  • Choosing “Advanced choices.”
  • Press “Restart” after selecting “Startup Settings.”
  • When the computer restarts, choose option #4 to “Enable Safe Mode” by pressing the number or function keys 1 through 9.


How do you reinstall display drivers?


  • Reopen the Power User menu to access settings (right-clicking the Windows taskbar icon).
  • A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Choose the “Check for updates” under the “Windows Update” tab to download it and install the latest recent display driver.


Step 2: Get the most recent drivers right from the manufacturer.


While Windows 10 does a great job of upgrading your computer with the essential patches and changes, some crucial drivers must be noticed. A manual driver update may be needed if your laptop screen has started to flicker.

These simple procedures can help you determine the manufacturer of your display card if you need clarification.


  • Right-click the Power User icon in the Windows taskbar to open it.
  • Choose “Run.”
  • In the Run dialogue box, type “dxdiag”.
  • You’ll see the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window open, giving you access to your computer’s hardware details. There are various tabs on the top toolbar.
  • Choosing “Display 1.”
  • All relevant display information, including the name, manufacturer, type of device, and other details, will be easily accessible.


You’ll know exactly where to seek direct driver updates and downloads if you know the manufacturer and the device’s name. The following manufacturers of display drivers offer support for the vast majority of HP laptops:


To effectively serve your particular driver, each brand will have a dedicated page for driver updates and downloads.


Step 3: Disable windows desktop manager


Windows 10 is praised for the cutting-edge aesthetic features that distinguish it from other OS. The beautiful translucent windows, live taskbar thumbnails, and high-resolution monitor support capabilities are made possible by Desktop Window Manager, an all-inclusive window manager. Unfortunately, there is a slight possibility that the window manager’s processes are to blame for the flickering on your laptop screen.


Follow these procedures to disable Desktop Window Manager:


  • Right-click the Power User icon in the Windows taskbar to open it.
  • Choose “Run.”
  • In the Run dialogue box, type or command “services.msc.”
  • “Desktop Window Manager Session Manager” should be located.
  • Select “Stop” with a right-click on it.
  • Then, once more, right-click “Desktop Window Manager Session Manager.”
  • Choosing “Properties.”
  • Make “Disabled” the startup type under the “General” tab.
  • Click “OK.”


Step 4: Please take it to an expert technician.


The best action may be to take your flickering screen to a qualified PC repair shop if you’ve exhausted all other options. Computers are intricate devices. Sometimes turning your PC issues over to a professional gets you the results you want faster and more effectively than following straightforward DIY instructions will. Make sure to seek a licensed technician familiar with your particular computer brand.


If an upgrade is necessary, a professional can carefully open your computer, inspect the wiring, and locate manufacturer drivers. In order for your expert to know what to check for and what to fix, be sure to discuss the special circumstances surrounding your computer.




As promised, we’ve given you all the options currently accessible to resolve the “horizontal line difficulties on the Acer Nitro gaming laptop screen.” We believe you fully understand the tactics we discussed above. If you carefully follow the step-by-step instructions, you can resolve this issue independently.

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