Acer automatic repair loop

How To Fix Acer Boot Loop, Restarting, and Stuck Loading

If your computer is restarting before the logo screen or your computer turns on and then quickly restarts before you ever see the Acer logo, then you can solve the problem for yourself. In this article, we will be talking about how to fix the Acer Computer Boot loop, restarting, stuck loading, stuck diagnosing, etc. 

Steps to Fix Acer Computer Boot Loop, Restarting, and Stuck Loading Issues:

Step 1

The first thing to do is unplug external devices, flash drives, or CDs. Unplug everything that plugs into the computer. There is the possibility that the external devices are trying to boot your computer. 

Step 2

If the first step doesn’t work, you will try to reseat your hard drive. You should try unplugging your hard drive and then plugging it back in, ensuring the connection is secure and correct. You can help from the internet to understand how to unplug your hard drive perfectly. 

Searching for a hard drive replacement video corresponding to your model is best.

Step 3

If those two steps don’t work, we’ll go into the BIOS on your Acer laptop. Shut the computer down and then start it up. Now you need to get to BIOS. For the Acer laptop, hit f2 on startup. The BIOS may look different based on the year of your computer and the model.

Step 4

Arrow over and go for the in-time system date. Ensure the values are correct; if these are wrong, they can cause all sorts of errors in your computer.

Step 5

Try to boot your base and operating systems once you change these. Save and exit f10 and then try restarting your computer. If your computer works fine after this, then you found your problem.

Note: If you have to do this every time you turn on your computer, you must get in here and change a system date and time before your computer boots up correctly. If you have to do that every time, that’s a sign that your CMOS battery is dying. Your base system is losing power because of the CMOS battery. You have to get access to the CMOS battery, and then you should replace it.

Step 6

If that doesn’t solve your problem, you should change one more setting in BIOS. Arrow over the boot and go for UEFI and disable it.

You may have drop-down menus where you select legacy or CSM, but you can change them. If you cannot change to the legacy, it could be because you must change a couple of other settings. Save and restart your computer if this is fixing your computer.

You can install your operating system. If that works, then it was just an operating system error, and you fix it if your operating system won’t install or keeps airing out.

Final Words 

We hope the article will help you understand how to fix Acer’s computer boot loop, restart, load, diagnose the PC, etc. If your computer starts, you can hear the fan engage. Besides, you may hear motherboard or hard drive clicks, but your screen stays black; that’s a black screen problem. In that case, you should go to a laptop repair shop


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Acer Boot Loop, Restarting, and Stuck Loading:

Q: How can I fix an Acer boot loop?

A: One solution is to try booting into safe mode and running a virus scan. Another option is to perform a factory reset but be aware that this will erase all data on the laptop.


Q: What causes an Acer laptop to keep restarting?

A: There are several potential causes, including hardware issues, software conflicts, driver problems, and malware infections.


Q: What should I do if my Acer laptop is stuck on the loading screen?

A: First, try holding down the power button for 10 seconds to force a shutdown, then restart the laptop. If that doesn’t work, try booting into safe mode and troubleshooting.


Q: How can I troubleshoot an Acer laptop stuck in a boot loop?

A: One approach is to try booting into safe mode and running a virus scan. You can also try disabling startup programs or repairing the Windows installation using a bootable USB drive.


Q: Why is my Acer Aspire laptop stuck in a restarting loop?

A: This could be caused by various factors, including hardware problems, software conflicts, driver issues, or malware infections.


Q: What are some common causes of an Acer laptop being stuck in a boot or restarting loop?

A: Some possible causes include corrupted system files, damaged hardware components, driver conflicts, and malware infections.


Q: How can I stop my Acer laptop from restarting after a Windows update?

A: One option is to try disabling automatic updates in Windows settings. You can also try uninstalling the problematic update or rolling back to a previous version of Windows.


Q: Why won’t my Acer laptop load past the logo screen?

A: This could be caused by various factors, including damaged hardware components, corrupted system files, or malware infections.


Q: How do I reset my Acer laptop if it is stuck on the loading screen?

A: You may need to perform a factory reset, which will erase all data on the laptop. Follow the instructions provided by Acer for your specific model.


Q: Can a faulty hard drive cause an Acer laptop to get stuck in a boot or restarting loop?

A: Yes, a failing hard drive can cause various issues, including boot loops, restarts, and system crashes. Consider replacing the hard drive if this is the cause of the problem.

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