How To Clean Laptop Keyboard: Step By Step Guide

If you don’t clean your keyboard regularly, it can get pretty grimy over time. You might be startled by the grit and other material persisting in the laptop’s keyboard, no matter how often it is used. In addition, your fingers’ oils can leave a coating on the tops of the keys, and dust and pet hair can also accumulate in the keyboard’s crevices. Moreover, your laptop’s keyboard could carry 20,000 times more bacteria than the toilet seat, so that you should keep your laptop keyboard always neat and clean. In this write-up, we will talk about how to clean a laptop keyboard easily.

Here are the steps you should follow to keep your laptop keyboard clean. Once you have prepared your mind to clean your laptop’s keyboard, here’s what to do:

How To Clean Laptop Keyboard: Step By Step Tips

Turn off Your Laptop

Before getting started, you need to turn off your computer. Because you don’t want to hit a hotkey combination that leads to disaster accidentally, unplug the laptop, as well, to reduce the risk of shorting something if any moisture gets inside. And make sure you have everything necessary backed up in case something goes wrong. Next, you have to disconnect the laptop from any power sources by taking the battery off it. You have to be careful while extracting the battery from the laptop.

Flip Your laptop

Now you have to flip the laptop upside down to let any loose debris fall naturally out of your keyboard. If you have a pressurized air can, it is time to blow out any remaining debris. Turn your laptop upside-down and allow the crumbs, dust, and other particles that have accumulated in your keys to fall out. To dislodge any obstinate particles, gently tap the bottom of the chassis. Cleaning slime, which adheres to and gathers up waste, can also be pressed into the crevices between your keys.

Use Clear Tape

Use the sticky side of transparent tape to catch extra debris; it’s also a good idea to attach the tape beneath the keys and move it about for a more thorough clean. If you want to use the cleaning slime, press it into the crevices between the keys and lift it up, picking up grime as you go.

Clean The Top of Your Keyboard

You can use disinfecting wipes to clean the tops of the keyboard keys. You need to use the light pressure of your palm while doing this. Remember, the goal is not to soak your keyboard with disinfectant. But instead to give the laptop’s keyboard a quick once-over, so you can squeeze the wipes out beforehand to reduce moisture. You can also use compressed air from a can to avoid missing any nooks and crannies and spray the air in a zigzag manner, being sure to reach all sides of each key. You can use another gadget that blows air if you don’t have compressed air (such as a blow dryer). But, spraying air directly under the keycaps may cause harm to sensitive circuits. Avoid using anything abrasive, such as a paper towel that could scratch the keys.

Utilize Dry Cloth

After that, you need to use a dry cloth or towelette to remove the last of the dust and give your keyboard a polish. Again, make sure to let the keyboard completely dry out before using your laptop again.

Keep in mind that you have to avoid getting any liquid under the keys, so don’t use any cloth that’s dripping wet. If it is needed, wring your wipes out before using them. Do not spray water or any cleaning liquids directly on the keyboard.

Final Thought

These are the steps you should follow in cleaning your laptop’s keyboard. You can follow the process from home to keep your laptop keyboard dirt and bacteria-free. In addition, the last step would be to fit a silicone cover over your keyboard to help protect it from dirt and debris in the future. This will also protect your laptop keyboard from liquid spills.

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