Get Your Hands At The Gigabyte AORUS Laptop Repair Services At One Go!

We at PC Fix London work continuously to provide our customers with the best services of ours. Issues related to the operating system, hard drive, software, or hardware. Our expert team repairs everything. Anyone who wishes to get their hands on these services can do so easily. We are all set to provide all our services to our valuable customers and ensure that they get it done as early as possible. From screen issues to RAM upgrade, with our Gigabyte AORUS Laptop Repair services, we solved every problem that might be hindering your work on your laptop devices.

Our customers are our priority, and money comes after them. Therefore, we have made our services available to make sure that anyone facing any difficulty or issue with their Gigabyte AORUS laptops can get it resolved with us.

There are several models of the Gigabyte AORUS that are repaired by us, and they are listed below:

  • AORUS 15 (Intel 9th Gen)
  • AORUS 7 NA
  • AORUS 17 WA
  • AORUS 7 GA
  • AORUS 7 SA
  • AORUS 17 SA
  • AORUS 17 XA

Other models, including all of these, are repaired by us. You can quickly contact us to book your services related to any issue, and we will get back to you!

Several issues are looked after by us, including:

  • Removal of any spyware, malware, or virus 
  • Repair and replacement of the Gigabyte AORUS laptop 
  • Damaged, scratched, or broken screen repair and replacement of Gigabyte AORUS Laptop
  • Gigabyte AORUS laptop installation of the operating system 
  • Gigabyte AORUS laptop troubleshoot and installation of software 
  • Data recovery of hard drive 
  • Backing up of data and recovery in Gigabyte AORUS laptop
  • Gigabyte laptop hard drive replacement, repair, and upgrade
  • Gigabyte AORUS laptop motherboard or logic board repair and replacement 
  • Memory RAM upgrade of the Gigabyte AORUS laptop
  • Gigabyte AORUS laptop touchpad and trackpad replacement 
  • Gigabyte AORUS laptop DC power jack repair and replacement 
  • Gigabyte AORUS laptop water damage and liquid damage 
  • Gigabyte AORUS laptop operating system troubleshooting 

These are a few services provided by us to our customers. We also offer several other Gigabyte AORUS Laptop Repair services to our customers with a professional diagnosis. We want our customers to trust our services to the fullest and leave all their worries on us. We will get their laptops repaired and will deliver them as early as possible. 

We are here to provide the best services to our customers. You can easily reach out to us through our online website and access all our services, whichever suits you the best. We work towards providing you with the best assistance and guidance possible from our side. We work towards making IT solutions easy for the customers and making Gigabyte AORUS Laptop Repair services available through easy access. 

We at PC Fix London troubleshoot and fix such issues regularly. This makes us swift in understanding and resolving the problems and doing the repairs and replacements as early as possible. We have repaired over 2000+ Gigabyte AORUS laptops for our customers. 

Pick-up and Delivery / Walk-in / Ship in Gigabyte AORUS Laptop Repair Service:

Our whole repair process is straightforward and easy. We do not charge anything if we do not fix your computer and always keep our customers informed politely in advance if any parts need replacement or any service charge.

There are three easy ways a customer can have their laptop repair booked.

Drop-in: You can drop the Gigabyte AORUS Laptop into one of our service centres in Angel, Islington, London. Our laptop repair centre is open from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Courier Collection: Collection can be arranged anywhere in the UK with the courier to pick up the Gigabyte AORUS laptop. Please note courier charges may occur.

Home Service: Our friendly technician can be called to your place to have the Gigabyte AORUS laptop fixed on your premises.

If you have more queries about our laptop repair and upgrade services, please feel free to connect us at 020 7018 7490 or e-mail us at