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Easy Fixes for 5 Common Acer Laptop Problems

Regardless of how gently you use your laptop, a user generally faces many problems working on it. Many types of errors may occur in your device, and they might be regarding your laptop’s hardware or software. The brand of your laptop doesn’t even matter that much. Some of the common problems like processing, assembly, or configuration may occur in any brand.

However, Acer Laptop users are most commonly confronted with five different types of errors. Suppose you face the problems like freezing frames in your laptop’s display, sluggish processing performance, incapability of the motherboard. You must follow the steps provided herein, which may provide satisfaction to your concern, or if not getting the proper results, you should contact your nearest Acer service center. The assistance of professionals can be the best solution for your problems. Here we provide you with five easy fixes to the problems that may help you resolve all the problems quickly and effectively.

Five common problems of Acer laptops and easy solution:

System’s heating problem

When the system’s processor is overloaded and not giving up to the mark performance, when there is an excessive amount of increment in heat, this may generally result in the heating problem of the whole system. The excess heating issue may damage the laptop’s internal parts, instead of having a fan inside the laptop to regulate the temperature and cool down the excess storage of heat in your electrical device.

The solution to fix the heating issue:

  1. Remove the dust: If you are facing a heating problem in the laptop, the first step you have to follow is cleaning the dust present inside your device. Vents are present inside your laptop for easy flow of the air and heat. The dust clogged inside may dysfunction some parts like it may prevent fan blades or vent from working effectively. The dust ultimately causes the fan to work harder, and the heat may not be released, which results in a heating issue.
  2. Keep the laptop in the cool room: It’s an optional step to follow depending upon the level of heating. You have to keep your heated laptop in a cool room which may maintain a proper temperature. After it is done, you may move it further.
  3. Proper ventilation: You should always keep your laptop at a proper height, giving your good laptop ventilation. As we discussed above, the stuck dust might increase heating, and good ventilation may solve this problem.
  4. Always keep your laptop updated: As Acer provides BIOS updates for the users.
  5. Low power mode: Always try to work on your laptop using low power consumption mode. By doing this, your laptop consumes less power and release low heat, and will remain cool.

Low-performance rate with long boot time

If you are also facing the problem of sluggish performance, lacking or your device is getting hang when you use several applications at a time. And if your laptop is taking more than regular boot time, then the bootloader is much needed.

The solution to fix the problem:

  1.  Firstly, you have to uninstall all the unused applications or programs. For the long run, to get over this problem, you have to download ‘suite 7 professional tool’, which is an effective optimizer and start-up manager.
  2. Upgrading to an advanced RAM level can be a good solution to get rid of its sluggish performance. Slow performance can result from low memory as your laptop might require more memory to function properly.

Sudden shut down the problem

This is considered a common problem for Acer users. This can be cured by applying some common fixes. You have to analyze the issue and troubleshoot the particular section of the software causing the problem.

The solution to fix the problem:

 Every Acer laptop has a pre-installed antivirus named ‘Windows defender. So, the user has to uninstall all the third-party installed applications and programs. These programs may lead you to the laptop shutdown.

  1. Mainly the program or applications running in the background may cause multiple malfunctions in your system resulting from your laptop shutdown. Close all the programs running in the background, and if you are not able to close them use task manager to close them anyhow.
  2. Always keep your laptop updated.  Always keep searching for updates to keep your laptop up to date.

Flickering or Black screen issue

If you are using Windows 10 on your laptop, you must have gone through a problem with the unexpected appearance of a black screen. To fix this issue of flickering or blacking of the screen, you have to follow some steps on your Acer laptop.

The solution to fix the problem:

  1.  The following reasons may cause this problem: Application incompatibility and issue in the display driver.
  2. Avoid connecting any external device as it may result in a blackout of your laptop screen.
  3. In this situation, you have to wake up your laptop’s display by clicking ‘Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B.’
  4. If the issue is not resolved, then the last option is to troubleshoot your laptop to fix the problem. This can do by restarting your laptop and boot in the device in safe mode.

Excessive notice from laptop’s fan

As we already discussed, when you work in a high-power mode, the processor has to work with high frequency, and also, the fan starts spinning faster. Dust is also one of the reasons for fans causing more notice while spinning. But most of the peoples are less bothered about cleaning the fan. Many of them are afraid and still dependent on experts for such cleaning purposes.

The solution to fix the problem:

  1.  One must not overshadow this minor problem as this may result in obstruction in fan blades and make them noisier while working.
  2. You have to turn off your laptop and cut its electricity flow.
  3. Remove its battery and try to find an air vent placed at the outer edge.
  4. Unscrew the below panels, and now you can see the fan.
  5. Deep clean the fan and blow out all the dust present.


Not every Acer laptop has these problems. But one must get his mind prepared before purchasing a laptop to encounter suck issues. We perform Acer Laptop screen replacement if your screen is flickering, has brightness issues, lines, scratches, or marks.

Please note that the guideline instructions provided may not always apply to the symptoms your computer is experiencing. Sometimes, symptoms or behavior can be the same, but the underlying reason or fault can be completely different.

The fastest way we can assist customers is by bringing computers to our workshop, where technicians have the tools to diagnose faults accurately. After checks, if parts are found to be faulty or damaged, we proceed to replace them with high-quality original parts.

No appointments are required; you can drop off your computer at our workshop during working hours.

If you have more queries about our laptop repair and upgrade services, please feel free to contact us at 020 7018 7490 or email us at

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