Custom Build Gaming PC won’t Boot, Won’t be Turning on?

Custom-Build-Gaming-PC-wont-turn-onExperiencing issues with a custom-built gaming PC that is not booting, turning on, having power issues, or displaying nothing on screen? Rest assured; we are here to provide expert insights from PC Fix London. While this guide list may not cover every possible issue, it aims to tackle the most common reasons for the problems you’re experiencing as well as prevent their reoccurrence. If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to bring your PC to our workshop. We’re more than happy to assist you there.

Custom Gaming PC Boot, Power, and Display Issues:

Issue 1: Power Supply Problems:

A common cause of these issues is a faulty power supply. Problems such as insufficient power delivery, loose connections, or a malfunctioning power supply unit (PSU) can result in boot failures and power problems.

Issue 2: Hardware Connection Issues:

Issues such as loose cables, improper connections, or faulty hardware can cause your gaming PC to not turn on. It is important to check that all components are securely and accurately plugged in.

Issue 3: Graphics Card and Display Issues:

A blank screen may occur due to a malfunctioning graphics card, display connection issues, faulty drivers, loose cables, or incompatible hardware.

Issue 4: Boot Drive Problems:

Various factors such as corrupted boot drives, misconfigured BIOS/UEFI settings, or incompatible storage devices can lead to boot failures. It is important to address and resolve these issues to ensure a successful boot process.

Issue 5: Hardware incompatibility:

Installed components may not be fully compatible, or require bios updated.

Issue 6: Physical Damage during installation:

It is not uncommon to have tiny components damaged during installation if not done by certified or trained technicians resulting in hardware malfunction.

Prevent booting, power, and display issues on your gaming PC with these tips:

Quality Components:

  • Using high-quality, compatible components during the initial build can help minimize the potential for hardware-related issues.

Secure Assembly:

  • Properly assembling components helps to avoid loose connections and possible power interruptions.

Regular Maintenance:

  • Regular maintenance checks, including dust removal, checking for loose cables, and ensuring component integrity, can help prevent long-term issues and maintain the optimal performance of your gaming PC.

Updated Drivers and Firmware:

  • Regularly updating graphics drivers, firmware, and BIOS/UEFI settings is crucial for maintaining compatibility and maximizing performance.

Why PC Fix London Is Your Best Choice for Custom Gaming PC Issues:


  • PC Fix London has a team of experienced professionals with a strong background in custom gaming PC builds.
  • Our technicians have expertise in diagnosing and resolving various issues related to boot failures, power problems, and display issues.

Proven Track Record:

  • PC Fix London has a proven track record of troubleshooting and fixing custom gaming PCs, earning the trust of many satisfied clients.
  • Our reputation is established by our consistent delivery of effective solutions and reliable service.

Quick and Efficient Solutions:

  • Our team recognizes the importance of resolving gaming PC issues promptly, as time is valuable.
  • PC Fix London focuses on efficiency to ensure that your custom gaming PC is repaired and running as quickly as possible.

Customer-Focused Approach:

  • At PC Fix London, maintaining customer satisfaction is a key focus.
  • Our team values open communication, prioritizes customer feedback, and aims to consistently surpass expectations.

Comprehensive Support:

  • PC Fix London offers comprehensive solutions for custom gaming PC problems.
  • Our support services range from diagnosing hardware issues to optimizing software configurations for your gaming rig.

PC Fix London is a top choice for fixing custom-built gaming PC issues, thanks to our experienced team, reliable track record, efficient service, flexible support options, customer-centric approach, transparent pricing, and range of services. You can rely on us to restore your gaming PC to optimal condition.

To maintain the optimal performance of your custom gaming PC, it is recommended to implement proactive measures, conduct regular maintenance, and address issues strategically. Following these suggestions and seeking professional assistance when needed can help ensure consistent gaming experiences with your high-performance system.

Need help with your gaming PC that won’t boot?

PC Fix London, where our hands-on training and real-life experience make us experts in solving any computer issue. Don’t hesitate; let us fix your problems today!

For assistance with issues on your custom-built gaming computer, various repair services are available at PC Fix London.

Pick-up and Delivery / Walk-in / Ship in Custom Build Gaming PC Repair Service:

Drop-in: No appointments are needed, customers can drop off their computers at our workshop during working hours Monday to Friday, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Fastest Way: The quickest way is in our workshop. Here, we have all the equipment and parts for swap testing, which may not always be feasible onsite.

Courier Collection: Collection of the PC can be arranged anywhere in the UK, please note courier charges apply.

Home Service: Our technician can visit on-site. For further information on our PC repair and upgrade services, please contact us on 020 7018 7490 or email us at