5 Common Laptop Problems & How to Repair Them At Home

It doesn’t matter how gentle you try to be with your laptop, and it will eventually have some issues. Many individuals believe that the only way to fix a laptop problem is to spend a lot on repairs. That isn’t correct! You can resolve many common laptop problems at home. The solutions to some common problems are so easy that you can solve them yourself.

We will provide some straightforward solutions to five frequent laptop troubles. In this article, we will talk about five common laptop problems and how to repair them.

5 Common Laptop Problems and Solution for that

1. Overheating

Overheating can wreak havoc on your laptop’s performance, resulting in system crashes and freezes. Generally, every computer produces a significant amount of heat while running. But laptops, in particular, are prone to overheating due to their tiny size and lack of ventilation. Excessive dust might also clog air vents, preventing your system from receiving cold air to cool down.


Cleaning the air vents with a smooth cloth or a keyboard cleaner will alleviate the overheating problem. Place a piece of filtered cloth over the inhaling vent to avoid further dust clogging. You have to place it away from the exhaust vent, as this is where the hot air escapes quickly.

If this does not work, you have to update the system’s BIOS, which controls your laptop’s hardware. For heat management, most laptop manufacturers provide an installation file for updating BIOS files automatically. When updating the BIOS, keep in mind that you must connect your laptop to the power supply.

2. The laptop’s Battery isn’t lasting long.

The fact that a laptop can run by a battery is one of its best characteristics. However, people are continuously afraid of emptying batteries and running out of charge, so they put a lot of strain on it.


First, double-check that all of your charger cord connections are secure. After that, thoroughly drain your Battery and recharge it by leaving your laptop on until it dies.
If still, it continues to fail considerably sooner, the Battery may need to be replaced.

3. Your Laptop is Running Slowly

One of the most typical laptop issues is that they get sluggish or run exceptionally slowly. It frequently occurs with laptops and could be caused by anything from a lack of hard drive capacity. Besides, it could be the first sign of the device failing.


With your laptop, there are some options for dealing with performance concerns.

The most frequent method is to lower the number of items that run when your laptop boots up in the morning. You can also try uninstalling programs you no longer use, switching browsers, hard drive, and browser, and performing a malware and virus scan on your laptop. I hope after taking the initiative, it will help your laptop to speed up.

4. System Crash

When laptops refuse to start, most people become panicked. However, the problem and its solution are relatively simple to solve.


According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you can figure out what’s wrong by removing your hard drive and storing it in a USB enclosure, which are external housings for internal electronics. After that, connect the enclosure’s USB cord to a working PC’s open USB port.

If the file system is functioning correctly, the hard drive will appear as an external drive, and you will be able to move files from it.

5. Viruses or Malware

Viruses and malware are the worst enemies of your laptop’s performance. Computer viruses create a lot of problems while functioning the machine.


Having antivirus software installed on your laptop is the most incredible method to keep viruses out. If you don’t want to pay money for antivirus software, you may protect yourself from viruses and spyware with free applications from the internet. Moreover, You can do all this by yourself, or ask professionals to do the job. These are a few easy steps that we’re sure will help you fix the common laptop issues.

Final Note

There are some big problems that you will not be able to solve from home. These are the common problems people face while using a laptop. If you are facing such kinds of issues, go to the repair shop or consult an expert. I hope the solution will help you to solve your most common laptop issues.

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