Fix MSI Laptop Battery

Best and Easy Ways to Fix MSI Laptop Battery

The battery in your MSI laptop is an important component as it provides the power that makes your computer usable. As a result, it’s only natural to want to learn more about it. If you find yourself getting frustrated with your MSI laptop each time it refuses to work due to a dead battery, there are a few easy methods you can use to help you get back on track and power up your MSI laptop again. To make sure that you get more out of your battery, here are some easy ways you can use to fix the MSI laptop battery.

What causes a damaged MSI laptop battery?

Below are the reasons:

1. Unreliable electricity supply

The most typical signs of a bad power supply are broken or damaged power outlets. It’s not always a good idea to use a damaged or defective power source because it could deliver lower activation energy to your MSI laptop, which could harm the battery and adapter over a period.

2. Malfunctioning Battery Driver

The effective operation of your MSI laptop depends heavily on the installed drivers. In this case, installing your battery controllers appropriately is necessary before your power pack can effectively charge your computer.

3. A defective battery

The lead detective in the mystery of why your MSI laptop won’t charge when plugged in is the battery. Your battery may be defective if it won’t charge when you connect to your MSI charging cable. Remove the battery from your MSI laptop and inspect it for swelling or fluid leaks to determine if your battery is defective.

4. A damaged charger

When you need your charger to power your MSI laptop properly, it must be in excellent shape and play a crucial role in your life. Your MSI computer won’t charge if the charger is full or partially broken, and the only method to fix the problem is to buy a new charger.

How to Fix MSI Laptop Battery?

Examine the area to see what else contributes to the issue if your MSI battery is not charging. The “Hybrid Power Supply Function” or the “Dragon Center/Creator Center Setting” on your device should be checked again if it has been confirmed that there is no problem with the surroundings outside.

1. Transform the Power Plan

You can choose from 3 different power plans for your computer.

  • Balanced
  • Energy-saving
  • Performance-based

Changing between these power options can significantly alter the situation, and your MSI laptop will once again begin charging regularly.

How? Read on.

  • Perform a right-click on the taskbar battery icon.
  • Choose Windows Mobility Center in step two.
  • Pay close attention to the area that features the battery icon.
  • Select the balanced, energy-efficient, or excellent performance mode.
  • Keep in mind that your MSI laptop is charging as you go between each mode.

2. The role of a hybrid power supply

The MSI laptop is designed to prioritize the system supply of power. When operating a demanding 3D program, the CPU and GPU are significantly loaded, and energy prioritizes the system power supply. When the CPU and GPU loading is lessened, battery charging stops, and AC energy starts up again. That’s only natural.

On MSI laptops, hybrid power may be present. When the CPU and GPU are working hard, the system will start mixing battery voltage and AC source, enabling the CPU and GPU to overdrive for an extended period. People can play several major games in improved conditions thanks to this feature.

3. Setup for the Dragon Center/Creator Center

Visit “Dragon Center” to examine the configuration if your MSI laptop won’t charge to 60% or 80%. Press “MSI Dragon Center” in Begin to display the battery usage. Start the “MSI Dragon Center” program to view the status of the current battery settings. Click the circle next to the long-term use choice if the battery is currently set to optimum management or maintenance.

A wheelchair’s battery gives the device movement, but it weighs much more than a laptop. As a result, there is no issue with the battery being too hefty for your requirements while it is constantly charged at 100%.

If the battery is fully dead, start charging it when it is less than 70% charged and quit when it reaches 80%. The battery should be charged until it reaches 60% when it is less than 50% full to facilitate quick charging.


Do not keep the charger connected when your laptop is not being charged. The battery will degrade as a result of this. It’s crucial to look after your battery. Remember to avoid using the charger to charge your laptop while it is powered on. Utilize the charger only after disconnecting the battery.

The majority of current laptops can function while being constantly plugged in. Their battery won’t be damaged in this way. But before you unplug the charger, remember to switch off your laptop.

How To Repair An MSI Laptop That Does Not Charge When Plugged In?

  • Reset the CMOS memory
  • Remove drivers
  • Upgrade Battery Drivers
  • Modify the strategy for adjusting the power settings.
  • Windows Update

Final Words

When connected in, the MSI laptop is not going to charge. Now what? Some of the most frequent causes of this problem have been discussed, along with solutions. Please get in touch with the MSI Support Team for additional support if none of these fixes works. The process to repair this MSI laptop battery is very simple, and there is no need for special tools. Just follow the guidelines; we have shown you how to do it step by step.

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