Hii guys we all have problem sometimes where wireless card does not detect any networks i strongly suggest to do two steps which can easily diagnose diagnose and resolve problem with wireless.



1) First make sure in device manager is device if wireless network driver is installed if not installed try installing from manufacture website.If you can not match or find the driver which came with machine or uploaded on manufacture website you can open the back panel and check the manufacture of wireless card it self and download the latest driver either searching on google or maufacturte website many times it intel and you can download the driver driectly from instel website or broadcom im sure this works.


2) Once make sure driver is installed make sure you have switch on the wireless button look on your top functions keys you have to hold the Fn Key + press the appropiate key from top functions key buttons to turn the wireless card on functions keys should have wireless symbol on it Or if not function keys Dell or many other manufactures use switch on / off buttons on laptop side to control the wireless network card .

Good luck let me know if still does not work or get me back with your wirless card model no which can be found opening the back panel i will download the driver or send you the link ,if you need help contact us at contact@pcfixlondon.com or call us at 020 7828 5780 , Thanks