Satellite U940 Win 7 Installation ask for HDD Sata drivers

Hi guys , We had laptop booked in from a business customer who did not like much windows 8 and wanted to downgrade to windows 7 problem is every time when you try to install windows it does not recognize the harddisk . Finally we found a SATA driver which work with satellite U940 and able to recognize the harddisk installed on laptop .

We have explained all necessary steps below to install the windows 7 on Satellite U940.There are two stages  below to follow.

Stage 1)   Bios Setting

Turn off secure boot

Change UEFI To Legacy Mode

Stage 2 ) Sata Driver Installation

After downloading sata driver unzip them to USB memory stick or burn Them to bootable windows 7 Disk and follow the steps while installing the windons7

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If any one have similar problem installing windows on toshiba Drivers not found do not hesitate to contact us at Or pop in with  your laptop in our shop in london  laptop repairs.